The Toqqn Platform

The Toqqn platform is built utilizing the best of both regular and web 3.0 advances, Toqqn will be very user amicable; in the meantime blockchain innovation is embraced to decentralize user data. That way no user data will be stored on our platform or servers to avert any sort of abuse or misuse of individuals’ private data.

Toqqn Platform Development

Toqqn is being developed utilizing the best of both ordinary and web 3.0 advances. Ordinary systems are utilized to make Toqqn a user inviting platform. In the meantime blockchain innovation will be received to decentralize user data. We need to build an internet based life where no user data will be stored on our platform or servers. This is to avert any sort of abuse or misuse of individuals’ private data.

Stage I

A digital marketplace of the platform is made utilizing regular web advancement advances. Users will probably buy and sell independent services utilizing TQN as a payment service. The group will work list toqqn on the most extreme number of exchanges. This will empower platform users to trade their toqqns for different tokens or fiat.

Businesses looking for digital services can buy toqqn crypto to pay for these services. The Marketplace will empower these businesses to get required services without the complexities of managing financial organizations and cross-outskirt cash transformations.

The Marketplace will make a true reason to toqqn as a cryptocurrency. Including the marketplace furnishes toqqn with a genuine utility incentive as a method of payment for services.

Stage II

Advancement to decentralize user data starts. Likewise extra platform features, for example, private correspondence included. All user data to be stored in the blockchain so just users will approach their own data.

Stage III

To decentralize user correspondence and the advancement of a Digital Services Marketplace utilizing toqqn as a payment strategy

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