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The AMANPURI Project is managed by AMANPURI Co., Ltd. (C 88856) which was founded in the Republic of Malta.

The AMANPURI Exchange develops a DLT exchange with up to 100x leverage trading platform as its main service through a spot transaction platform and order matching system with customer assetp protectionin mind. You can receive a special offer of a 50% reduction of the transaction fee by using the proprietary issue VFA AMANPURI token (AMAL) for the payment of transaction fees.

Why choose AMANPURI

AMANPURI is based on a multi-sig digital signature scheme. Two or more passwords (secret keys) are required for the remittance of VFA from a Wallet Address. One of the effects of this security feature is that, for DLT exchanges, just by using multi-sig, hackers tend to avoid hacking the exchanges. Furthermore, through management with a cold wallet, customer assets are protected from the threat of hackers. the AMANPURI Exchange is an organization that performed asset management on high leverage systems in the field of FX for 8 years in Belize and the AMANPURI project has been promoted by a team of successful, experienced financial experts. AMANPURI, with its eight years of achievements has gained the trust of its customers in an industry where many disruptive traders have disappeared from the market. AMANPURI provides the highest security, reliability and accountability based on the 100% protection of customer assets with an original security system, a pool of supplementary funds and discrete management in collaboration with major custodians, and strives to overcome the shortcomings of other exchanges that have repeatedly caused serious losses for token issuers and owners. To accomplish this, the team is based on having a high level of knowledge of DLT technology, a deep understanding of the operationof VFA, and has built a strong corporate culture that is thorough when it comes to security andcompliance.


AMANPURI’s ecosystem is supported by AMAL utility tokens. The AMANPURI token (AMAL) is an ERC20-compliant token issued in the Ethereum blockchain and can be used for transaction fees, listing fees in the AMANPURI Exchange and used for investment objectives such as exchanges with VFA etc. Moreover, there is also the possibility of shifting to an original blockchain in 2020. Also, Amanpuri will provide a customer support phone services by 2021 with correspondents in several languages including but not limited to, English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Hindi, Russian & Arabic.

AMANPURI offers simple transactions. By issuing an original debit card to users, you can also use AMAL to pay for services and products at affiliated stores. By adopting such a model, we can respond to the needs of traditional investors as we can eliminate the troubles associated with conversion into money, making withdrawals and repeated intermediary fees etc. Due to the capabilities associated with the debit card and the integration of VFA and DLT exchanges, transactions are very efficient, commissions are very low and volatility is maintained. In addition, AMANPURI offers customer support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The platform has multiple technological analysis tools to create an environment in which the services can be used without any of the associated stress, not only by professional investors but for many groups of customers who are about to enter the business.

Investors can easily and safely benefit from the VFA trading market with the infrastructure provided by AMANPURI. The AMANPURI Exchange is regulated and licensed by the Republic of Malta. The situation of assets is made public, and transparency is guaranteed though annual audits. We provide secure separate customer accounts for all investors and offer high-quality customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The AMANPURI Exchange welcomes corporate accounts. Demand for overseas remittance is rising with the promotion of globalization but losses companiesrder business, high fees and the length of time from remittance procedures to the arrival of funds is regarded as a problem. VFA can relieve companies from such stresses The AMANPURI Exchange supports the facilitation of inter-company remittances, and during special periods of ICO, we have a dedicated team that can provide preferential treatment for those who purchase AMAL

Benefit of AMANPURI token

For AML holders who participated in the ICO and all pre-sales, including after listing, the AMANPURI Exchange will return part of the profits everyday by BTC according to their holding ratio. Calculation of dividends is done by using the following formula:

Dividend simulation

Assuming that the daily volume of BitMEX is 300000 BTC

300000 x $ 4000 (1BTC) x fee 0.15% = fee fee income of $ 1800000 (one day)

$ 1800000 x 30 days = $ 54 million fee income (monthly)

$ 54000000 × 5% = $ 2700000 (total amount to be returned as monthly dividend)

Market AMAL is 126 million units.

Dividends per $ 2700000 ‒ 126 million = 1 AMAL

It will be $ 0.0214.

Thus, even if it is 1⁄4 of BitMEX’s trading volume, it can be assumed that a $ 10,000

investment will result in a dividend of about $ 668 per month.

And now the market as a whole has increased in volume since the beginning of 2018,Furthermore, it is predicted that the transaction volume will i ncrease in five years, ten years, and in the world.

The daily trading volume of BitMEX now exceeds $ 1 billion, and it is increasing daily.


• Tokens symbol – AML

• Total supply – 210,000,000 AML

• Public Sale – 126,000,000 AML

• Hardcap – $10,000,000

Token distribution

Road map

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