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By the beginning of the XXI century, the mankind had achieved great results in the technology sphere. Even a hundred years ago the appearance of smartphones and the internet was unimaginable. However, there are some things that originate from the times before many sciences and principles were even created. These things linger on as the centuries float by, they adapt but never vanish. Some of them eventually take over when the time is right. One of such things is advertising.

Advertising is an ancient phenomenon. In fact, it is so ancient that it is impossible to tell the exact time of its origin. Most likely, with the origination of trade, when people started having something extra stored away. This is confirmed by the Ancient Egyptian papyri and clay tablets.

The principles and types of advertising haven’t really changed much from the ancient times. The basis has remained the same although some new elements and subspecies appeared. For example, people efficiently used advertising for the commercial and political purposes in the days of ancient Rome. People used to cry out the information where the most of the people gathered – markets, for example. It was also used for the political agenda.

Up until the second half of the XV century, advertising remained in its ancient form. Its effectiveness went hand to hand with its necessity and its capability. Things changed drastically when the printing press was invented. Merchants started printing images of their goods which led to an enormous increase in advertising popularity and its capabilities.

With its growth and complication, advertising had become a proper job. Agencies appeared that were doing advertising and advertising alone. They made advertising much more efficient.

Advertising evolved the most in the XX century. It had overcome the state of being an addition to trade and had become a powerful independent field of activity. New researches and technologies appeared. New areas and subspecies appeared. Advertising had become more efficient and powerful than ever. It marched in the XXI century with the overwhelming capabilities both in the cultural and technical way.

Advertising in the internet age

The internet had provided advertising with incredible options for development. Advertising went hand in hand with the scientific and technical progress once again. If the TV advertising was unskippable, and in a manner of speaking, rude, the internet advertising evolved to a much clever, soft, and adaptive way. The way of thinking of advertising as a pesky annoying thing came to an end.

Love it or hate it, we got quite accustomed to its convenience. All it takes is to choose the right advertising strategy to convince the potential buyer. It is the most obvious in terms of the entertainment advertising. Don’t you think that the cinema, books, series, and games advertising are quite convenient, to say the least?

As advertising becomes less complicated to use and imply, it becomes clear that it’s taking the next step in evolving into something new. Lesser the intermediaries – lesser the misunderstandings and other complications. The creation of the new messenger-based platforms becomes possible. Is that the next step of the advertising evolution?

Universal Marketing Company

Universal Marketing Company (UMC) is the first paid content managing and SMART-advertisement creation platform to work in the messengers.The functioning of the whole system becomes possible due to the SMART-contracts. SMART-contracts are an important modern-day technology achievement. They are computer algorithms that provide automation and reliability of the implementation of the agreements laid down by the two sides. The presence of these contracts excludes the intermediaries and the possibility of forging the contract. This makes it easier and quicker for a deal to be made. This makes every platform’s user protected by the platform.

The managerial advantages of the UMC platform

The provision of the wide variety of advertising settings through the most popular messengers should come in handy for both the private persons and the big companies. YouTubers, Twitch streamers and other bloggers definitely should check out the platform’s capabilities.

Imagine those actions that usually take hours done in a few minutes with the most convenient design possible. Messenger bots make it super-easy to reach out to your audience and spread the substantial information.

As a fine and, once again, convenient addition, the built-in analytics options come in. Having a hard time lacking the informative statistics? Well, UMC at the rescue. All the statistics you’ll ever need are basically at your grasp. Having feedback issues? All the feedback data you’ll ever need will be accessible. You won’t have to worry about whether your channel is going in the wrong direction.

The UMC financial advantages

The UMC platform is providing not only the managing and technical advantages but also the financial ones. The fact that the platform is using its own currency is nothing but a blessing that is there to save you from the most annoying purchasing inconveniences there are. There are also the regular use and token purchase bonuses that only increase in time.

The built-in payment processing module allows you to quickly and profitably exchange available tokens for other crypto-currencies or fiat money without losing commissions. The use and management of advertising in this style are becoming easier, more profitable and effective.

Advertising, as well as the tools of its execution, are continuously being improved. Empires blossomed and withered, clans and dynasties were replaced, new religions arose and went into total oblivion, but such a simple thing as advertising, born at the dawn of humanity, continues to exist, gaining more and more strength.

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