The Veil Privacy Coin: A Review

  • The Veil technology is a revolutionary crypto project that lives up to it’s name in terms of providing anonymous security for it’s users, thereby pushing forth the ethos of the blockchain to the masses.
    The Veil project is the premium crypto project that ensures users earn anonymously and also have the option to anonymously stake earnings, exclusively.
    The Veil combines distribution and security via it’s end-to-end secured proof-of-stake and proof-of-work encryptions.
    It is a well known fact that the privacy-focused cryptocurrency niche is facing a great challenge of total privacy for users, despite the name they’re associated with.
    An example of the challenges faced by privacy-focused cryptocurrency is the fact that most depend on outside software developments and external expertise for their improvements, thereby making it inevitable that less than 1% of Transactions on such platforms are private.

The Veil Project have so many features put in place to ensure total privacy for users and complete anonymity to boot by providing full-time, Always-On privacy and creating an anonymous, secure coin.
The Veil Project provides top-notch security and anonymity by combining the advanced, cryptography-based privacy protocol, Zerocoin and Bitcoin version 0.17.1, the most secure Bitcoin software in the world.

What The Veil Lab Does
The Veil Lab is the R&D component of the Veil project charged with the duty of challenging the defined boundaries of current privacy coins, exploring options hitherto not explored and pushing Veil into the future.
With the Veil Lab, Veil coin improves on privacy and anonymity with no compromise on the scalability and performance of the blockchain.
The Veil Lab will test and implement new methods as they’re conceived, thereby making the Veil to stay ahead of every other privacy coin.

The Veil Wallet
Downloading a Veil wallet is one of the several ways a user can get and own this privacy coin known as Veil. For the meantime, there are several signed releases of the Veil Core Wallet available for Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems with the current version of
In no distant time, the mobile version of the Veil Wallet for Android and iOS will be released, while serious works are ongoing for the integration into hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger.

Unique Features Of The Veil Project
The Veil privacy coin project have continued to improve on the existing privacy coin blockchain technology in all aspects, not just in providing wholistic privacy and anonymity to users.

One other unique feature of the Veil is the outstanding storage saving mechanism built into the ecosystem. This is known as Transaction Pruning which ensures that for every wallet, all extraneous transactions are removed from the local data set thus saving lots of local disc storage for users.

Veil’s Core Privacy Technology

Since the inception of blockchain, the Bitcoin core software has been tested and trusted as the best in security.
The Zerocoin protocol is based on zero-knowledge proofs. What this means is that a cryptographic computation can be ascertained to have taken place, without a third party having the knowledge of either the transaction’s input or output.
The Dandelion protocol is designed to mask transactions on the blockchain such that it becomes nearly impossible to trace it to it’s source node.
These 3 key Features make up the Veil’s core privacy technology.

The Veil project main aim is to provide a coin that affords total privacy and anonymity to users on the cryptocurrency blockchain. It’s technology consists of several software programs designed to offer the best security and privacy as has never been seen on the blockchain.

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