The Vimee Social Platform

VIMee Project Overview

VIMee is an informal community being created on the Waves fast blockchain innovation that supports network building and social association with cryptographic money rewards. VIMee joins the straightforwardness of brought together internet based life, with the security of decentralization, and the adaptability cryptographic money brings. Decentralization is the eventual fate of the web. Our central goal is to help smoothen the movement procedure of re-privatizing client information, giving clients the chance to adapt their own substance, securing the privilege for opportunity of articulation and while giving a worthwhile collaboration compensate framework dependent on substance quality and prominence.

Interpersonal organizations have altered the manner in which we convey and mingle. It has eradicated limits and united individuals from all pieces of the globe. Its a spot to make new companions, meet old ones, associate with individuals who offer similar interests, yet sadly has likewise carried simple access to many unsettling substance, for example, sex entertainment.

VIMee is likewise a position of asylum, some place individuals can go to discover something as basic a comforting grin, a spot to share information and furthermore look for directing. The Prophet Mohammad PBUH once said that “Your grin to your sibling is a sadaqah (beneficent act) for you”. Regardless of whether it be transferring a pic, sharing a video, communicating something specific, perusing the Qur’an, live video spilling, and so on we got it. VIMee will give all that you need socially and religously, and you can even win cash from it.

While giving a sheltered and agreeable condition to mingle, VIMee additionally maintains the Islamic laws of reasonableness by imparting half of all benefits to its clients dependent on exceptionally rewarding calculations. Clients would now be able to acquire cash as both FIAT and VIMX tokens by transferring content, getting preferences and remarks, and furthermore by basically being a functioning client.


The mission is to help smoothen the development methodology by re-privatizing customer data and allowing customers to adjust their own substance, verifying the benefit for chance of explanation, giving an advantageous cooperation repay structure subject to substance quality and predominance. All packaged inside the Islamic laws of syariah.

The highlights

Online Wallet

For putting away each one of those significant VIMX tokens and FIAT rewards.


Pursue and stay up with the latest with every one of your leisure activities and interests.


Texting administration. Stay in contact on an individual dimension.


Every one of the accounts that issue most to you each time you visit.

Gathering Chat

Meet up, share thoughts, and assemble with companions. Video

Alter and transfer individual, network or notwithstanding breaking occasions.


No interpersonal organization is finished without a your very own photograph display.


Purchase, sell, adapt content, promotions, supports, everything to help your business needs.

The issue

Finding feasible answers for declining natural reach:_Organic commitment are winding up less and less appealing to the normal client. BuzzSumo’s investigation of 880 million posts found, “the normal video post in April 2017 achieved 12.05% of the all out page group of spectators, only in front of photographs at 11.63%, joins at 7.81%, and notices at just 4.56%.”

Selection by clients: One noteworthy test of acknowledging decentralized online interpersonal interaction is its reception by clients. Clients who are as of now taking an interest in existing person to person communication destinations should move their information to decentralized interpersonal organizations to split far from the customary information storehouses offered by the present long range informal communication locales. It is reasonable that clients would be impervious to change and may not be enthused about changing applications regardless of whether this gives every one of the highlights they need.

The arrangement

Social video floods ahead: Forty-six percent of respondents in our yearly client overview state they’re as of now actualizing social recordings, with another 26 percent intending to execute in 2018. In 2017, social video promoting spending jumped 130 percent YOY. Video is a center development procedure for the significant informal organizations since it’s a drawing in versatile medium and simple to adapt.

Experience movement: In request to beat client protest, we should likewise have the option to move their experience via web-based networking media. Move benefits previously given by existing person to person communication benefits and including our own enhancements so the clients wont perceive the progress. Great UIs, devices for bringing in and sending out information, and simplicity of setting up the product will likewise be a piece of the answer for this issue.

Joint staff and network control: Having a twofold layer of separating, for example, this will help track down destructive substance. Network control empowers individuals to choose whether the substance is proper or not. As indicated by an overview by the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, around 63 percent of individuals are stressed over phony news flowed by real web-based social networking today. Blockchain can give the network a chance to check and score any snippet of data and in this way, boost individuals to alter their inclination and malignant activities.

The Advantages Vimee


You as a client, possess your information. You can pick who you need to impart this data to and how. You claim your own substance.


Open-source crowdfunded advancement, not financed. There is no restraining infrastructure by a solitary organization, and no following.


The informal community keeps running on freely run servers, rather than utilizing colossal focal servers possessed by a company.


Islamic laws are our establishment. No sex entertainment, no prejudice, sexual orientation correspondence and reasonableness.


Clients procure cash by utilizing the stage. All incomes raised will be part with clients.


Give da’wah, share information, and help other people find out about the genuine Islam.


Concerning the interior token, let me advise you that with it clients can share their information, yet in addition get a better than average reward for the made exceptional substance. On the off chance that we talk about the token in more detail, it is created based on the Waves blockchain and is communicated by an ostensible image as – VIMX. Altogether, the designers will be discharged 2 billion coins from them available to be purchased will be accessible just 30% percent, 55% will stay for possible later use, and the remainder of the coins will be circulated between the group of originators, abundance members and the promoting organization. The underlying estimation of the coins themselves is assessed as pursues: 1 ETH = 10 000/ 1 WAVES = 167 VIMX.

Token Details


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