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Hi Everyone, I want to introduce you to a very promising project. By participating in this project, you have the opportunity to get excellent results. This project has no analogues and will be of interest to many investors. XERA will provide professional tools and resources needed for traders to complete transactions correctly. XERA builds partnerships with professionals from various industries to support the development of a strong transaction platform

Although there are many exchanges in a number of geographical locations, there are still large gaps in this exchange function. Some of the main issues in the current trading platform include security issues, lack of liquidity, latency issues, and some serious self-limiting features. Traders are waiting. The XERA team consists of traders with decades of experience in banking and information technology. As such, we have identified functions that cannot be marketed in exchange for quality electronic money. Many traders now need to use third-party tools and other paid tools to fully meet their electronic trading needs through exchange. XERA will be a fully integrated electronic funds exchange, which will discuss the main issues and challenges facing traders. To finance the development of XERA, the ICO will be launched to sell XERA code and give traders access to a platform that combines all the components needed by investors.


Hasil gambar untuk gambar roadmap xera

Why do you have to choose XERA?

  • Liquidity
    Increasing the liquidity of the encryption trading platform is a way to encourage formal enforcement. To make it one of the priority solutions, we will take 10% of the shares in the profits generated by transaction costs and place them in the reserve liquidity profile. This will ensure that liquidity stays healthy at all times
  • High
    security Our experienced security team relies on strict test suites and the latest network security. We are committed not only to handling your passwords and fiat, but we also ensure that PII is completely safe from theft and unauthorized access.
  • Fast like lightning
    Our exchange will be one of the fastest tools with very low latency. Look at our POC system in the “TEST ALPHA” section. We can maintain a 2.5 Mbps bitrate and very low latency and will continue to work to increase latency and create high-performance systems (HFT) with increased scalability.
  • Automatic transactions
    Our exchanges allow traders to execute their trading strategies through direct coding methods that automatically execute their transactions according to the user’s execution logic. Users will have access to all market data and technical indicators through scripting languages, so traders can quickly implement and automatically execute trading strategies. their favorite
  • Notification mechanism
    Traders will receive SMS notifications and / or e-mails for predetermined tasks, orders and indicators. You don’t need to stick to your monitor and wait to execute the command. Once identified, you will receive a notification when your order / order is complete. In addition, your transaction will be activated automatically with the automatic transaction function.
  • Many orders
    Worried about whether to place a stop loss or sell a target? Why aren’t they both? And why not again? XERA supports various orders, including OCO (other cancellation orders), Limit, Market, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stop, Fill or Kill and Scaled.
  • Integrated tutorial on the site
    The only exchange with instructions to help you learn to trade in less than 30 minutes. Maybe the expert level user interface, withdrawal or transaction level, you will have access to understand, study, apply and improve your trading capabilities with images and sounds. talking and AI. Easily accessible on laptops, tablets and mobile devices
  • Dual dashboards
    On the one hand, our simple UI design will offer an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for trading, and other merchants will have advanced features such as a four-hour delay, zoom / thumbnail, overall volume display, graphic functions, and technical indicators during several periods, etc.
  • Integrated Fiat
    Undeniably, the fiduciary currency always dominates its liquidity and its valuation is relatively stable. Therefore, we are in the process of obtaining the legal arrangements needed to provide fiat as a means of payment.
  • Xager Token Xera Token information is
    developed according to the ERC20 standard and will follow the Ethereum platform. Our traders can use our tokens to reduce transaction costs and, through our chip purchase policy, add value to their eWallet. . The token will be the original XERA currency and will be charged $ 0.50 per chip.
  • Compliance with the
    “XERA” ERC20 will be the standard ERC20 message token developed on the Ethereum blockchain which acts as a local currency and is designed to support and promote our complex ecosystem.
  • Reduced costs
    A very small fee of 0.05% will be charged during the transaction when pairing with the XERA portion, against 0.1% when we pair it with BTC.
  • Buy tokens
    At the end of each quarter, we will redeem the XERA card starting at 20% of the gross profit generated by the transaction fee. This currency will be burned to increase the demand and value of our shares and fight inflation



Hasil gambar untuk gambar token xera

Hasil gambar untuk gambar token xera


Hasil gambar untuk gambar token xera


Hasil gambar untuk gambar token xera

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