Things you need to know (and understand) about the use of Blockchain in AI

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a part of machine learning which tries to integrate human behaviour into machines to enable computer systems to learn and behave like humans. In simple terms, AI machines can be referred to as smart machines with human intelligence.

AI is not a new technology, in fact, it has already seen many real-world applications. However, there are not many people or companies who have yet tried to implement both blockchain and AI technologies into a single project. Kinela is one such project. But before we go into that, let’s get a brief idea of what blockchain technology is.

Blockchain tech was invented by the founder of bitcoin as a way to facilitate secure and peer to peer for the currency. Bitcoin is a digital currency which holds the title of being the world’s first successful cryptocurrency. Post bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies were developed on the same technology – blockchain. Some of these include Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and so on. However, it was not until a few years back that blockchain users and investors started realizing that this technology has a much bigger use than just cryptocurrencies. To say the least, blockchain tech may hold the solution to the world’s most complex and common problems.

The use of blockchain in the AI space is just one example of it.

How blockchain can change or improve AI for better results

Here are four ways in which blockchain can make AI better.


One of the best benefits of blockchain is security, which can improve the way AI is implemented in various business applications. It will make AI apps more secure and fraud resistant.


Further, blockchain can ensure transparency in the way which AI collects, manages and processes data. It will also protect the transactions from any kind of unauthorised access.

Better Control

Blockchain gives you better control over the system by making the process decentralized. Therefore, not a centralized authority, but the end user controls and manages the system.

Low cost

The ultimate benefit of blockchain is the reduced cost, as there are no middleman in blockchain transactions. This can reduce the cost of AI applications and processes.

Now, the next question that may come to users’ mind is whether these two technologies can work together and what will be the consequences. Well, see for yourself.

Kinela is a project which is utilizing the power of blockchain technology for creating a transparent and decentralized advertising system, which uses AI for the selection of the most relevant ads to be shown to a website user in real-time by analyzing the user & website data. So, this makes Kinela a perfect example of the integration of blockchain and AI for building a futuristic application. Want to know more? Visit


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