ThinkCoin is a digital trading token that supports the TradeConnect network. By conveying trading to the blockchain, ThinkCoin gives you a chance to trade forex, wares, shares and other money related items in a straightforward, secure and easy to understand way. You can secure TCO through our pre-ICO and ICO phases of discharge or, once the ICO is done, by trading fiat currency and different cryptocurrencies by means of select exchanges.

Thinkmarkets is glad to report the Initial Coin Offering for ThinkCoin LIC0), a shiny new digital trading token. ThinkCoin determination TradeConnect, our pending blockchain-based multi-resource trading network.

Our network will tackle the most recent advancements in blockchain technology to convey:

The trust and uprightness of the blockchain record

The capacity to trade in any budgetary resource around the globe.

Trades settled like a flash. not days

Think Coin plans to take care of the above issues by making the most modern shared trading network called Trade Connect. Trade Connect will empower you to trade any money related resources on the planet.

The TradeConnect unique software will enable people and foundations to trade straightforwardly with each other, which will prompt an adjusted playing field where wholesalers and little traders can trade on a similar balance. With ThinkCoin, all exchanges are kept an eye on a square chain, which implies that finish can be finished in seconds as opposed to days.

The TradeConnect ecosystem will spin around the utilization of ThinkCoin, which is depicted as “the digital business token hidden the TradeConnect network.”

By utilizing ThinkCoin, you can trade your forex, items, stocks and other money related items with your associates in a basic, safe, and simple to-utilize way.’

ThinkCoin is the arrangement of the issue in the present money related resource trading market. The present issue of budgetary resource trading is:

Expanded expenses in industry, making credit, and money related hazard because of an excessive number of middle people.

Absence of adaptability making it hard to exchange trades and meet the individual needs of each trader.

The settlement takes too long, even days to affirm the exchange.

Absence of transparency among customary financier models.

ThinkCoin can be utilized to trade forex, items, shares and other money related items – all in a straightforward. secure and easy to use way. You can get TCO through our pre-ICO and. ICO phases of discharge or. once the ICO is done. by trading fiat currency and different cryptocurrencies by means of select exchanges.


Token: TCO

Open ICO Token : $ 0.3 from April seventeenth to April 30th

Least prepared capital : USD 5,000,000

Greatest prepared capital : 30,000,000 USD

Payment acknowledgment : ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, USD

Blockchain : Ethereum ERC-20Total supply : 500 million TCO

Token sold in the ICO : 300,000,000 TCO — The sum sold isn’t over will be drop. In August, 2018 will dispatch the official TradeConnect for electronic cash. May 5, 2018 will be recorded on the trade free trade.

Means of payment: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, USD


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