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It is a truth that we all possess one or two Digital Asset such as applications, data, code, content, etc. which of course can be mortised. We have always think how possible can we generate revenue from such digital asset held by many of us. While pondering on this, most time we think about the fact that there is currently no market for such Asset talk-less of monetizing it.
The problem has always been in the nature of such asset as they are usually unstructured, fragmented, and most time spread all over the internet. Coupled with the above-stated problem is the lack of skill on the side of most people that hold these assets as they find it very difficult to gather them into a standardized traceable format.

Having said all these, the good news is that, with the introduction of Zenodys, you can get rid of the above mention problems.

Introducing Zenodys

What is Zenodys?
Zenodys is a decentralized end-to-end advancement structure and P2P commercial center for digital resources, based on the Ethereum blockchain – permitting anybody, from coders to business experts, to fabricate computerized resources rapidly and cost-effectively, while organizing and sorting out the current billions of them for the world to be really digitalized and automated, for the advantage of everybody.

The Zenodys is currently working on a project that will incentivize anyone who is willing and desire to turn their Digital Asset into a tradeable product. The platform will be so simple and efficient to use as it can be operated and the conversion takes place with just a few clicks.
The good news is that you don’t have to be a developer for you to monetize your Digital Asset on the platform. For instance, you can easily turn your Digital Asset into a real-life application and get it monetized.

Projects are developed by utilizing the visual development apparatus this is then stored and executed on a decentralized system. This standardized approach will invariably diminish fragmentation, increases interoperability thereby allowing forming a unified data clusters. Once built, assets are hashed and stored in a decentralized commercial center, where clients can exchange them and incorporate them in a different project

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The processes involved are pretty simple
-First, whosever has a digital asset to sell will publish it on the marketplace with its corresponding

  • Second, Users which can be a developer, business developers, and so on, combine the published assets
    with others in their applications via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

-Lastly, Buyers buy the assets. The token will be distributed after an end-user has accessed and purchased the digital asset from the marketplace.
What are the benefits to Non-programmers and programmers?

  1. They get the opportunity to create applications they can call their own thereby generating new streams of income.
  2. The Development process is enhanced by the simple UI thereby enabling developers to deliver their digital asset faster.
  3. Monetize your special skill set quickly and advertise your skill to a larger audience.
  4. The visual blocks are simply reusable
  5. Companies get to pay lesser than what is formally obtainable in acquiring software. This is because of a better and efficient integrated environment, decentralized computing efficiency and removal of middlemen.
  6. It is now possible for people from around the globe to work together on a colossally improved development tool that enables them to build assets into completely new assets with everyone being fairly remunerated.


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