A decent and awesome name requires imagination just as it takes an insightful man to be cunny and a cheerful man to be interesting. I bring to you the best deal ever in the world of cryptocurrency. Dealjoy is at long last here to break the cheat and outcast the clumsiness! Dealjoy is a crypto commission based cashback network setup to bring together online shoppers and big marketers to give better online crypto services. Dealjoy is a security centered and well organized system to affiliate online customers with proficient advertisers and dealers. This wipes out a few identifiable irregularities in the online shopping business. Don’t you ever think this is just a pipedream that heads no place, as Dealjoy have browsed through the challenges being faced currently by buyers and sellers online and have come with a way out.


As cryptocurrencies are becoming popular for online shopping and the world is shifting towards online exchange of goods via the crypto network, Dealjoy have come at the appropriate time to combat the challenges evident in the world of online shopping. Part of the Identified problems uncounted in the online shopping world is that banks, paychecks and online merchants like PayPal have been observed not to be too private or global as presumed thereby breaching the trust of individuals as there are certain private data that are being perused each time such platforms are used.

Besides that, there is always a delay in the payment of commissions on any transaction on which a commission was promised. It takes a lot of wait to collect some of these commissions if at the end it will be collected at all. The long delays have affected the marketability of certain products thus affecting even the marketer of the product. Customer satisfaction review carried out by RetailMeNor2 Inc came up with the conclusion that customers are eagerly waiting for deliverance from the usual cumbersome experience faced in the process of online shopping.

Dealjoy have come to restore the convenience of online shoppers by introducing the Dealjoy Ecosystem; Dealjoy cashback program, Dealjoy for Business, and Dealjoy TCS Protocol which pays commissions out in Ethereum compatible DEAL tokens.

Immediate cashback is made possible by Dealjoy thus eliminating waiting time imposed on online shoppers by the present system. Instead of waiting for two to three months Dealjoy retail cashback program guarantees an instant payback. This cashback and global microtransactions are powered by Dealjoy TCS protocol. You may want to ask, how Dealjoy TCS protocol works. The Dealjoy TCS Protocol through blockchain handles commission calculation and necessitates immediate payment. This eliminates international wire transfer with its high cost of processing.

Withdrawal and Trading with other cryptocurrencies are made available since access to your token is not restricted. The token is also made stronger by creating a bigger demand for it through the introduction of the token buyback program which translates in the fact that the value of the token will never diminish.

Dealjoy for Business creates great platforms for marketers, shoppers as well where proper transaction can take place. This platform is made attractive by the lesser cost of transaction and the instant payment or cashback as earlier discussed. This platform enables business owners to operate at a better convenience. It is good news for blogger, youtubers as it is now possible to earn money via their contents. All they have to do is create an affiliate link to products and starts earning money on all purchases made via the link.

Good news is that Dealjoy made it possible to shop by having a mobile app that does the trick. Note that on every online shopping done via the Dealjoy app there is a free token to be earned. What are you waiting for then?

My intention here is just to whet your appetite to want to learn more about the great innovation brought by Dealjoy into the world of cryptocurrency. You need to learn more by branching on the Dealjoy website and read more. You will find this to be a great deal.








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