a unique and decentralized application that pays you for certain tasks

What is AQU TOKEN?
aQuest token (AQU) is a utility token, which is used for operations on the aQuest platform.
aQuest offers its makers to create marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding participants. Participants for a search are required to complete the task to be eligible for prize payments at the end of the search. Tasks are digital verified actions that users must complete in order to participate successfully in a search (Example: Survey, Facebook Likes).
  • Enkronos Application Integration
  • Automatic website
  • aQuest can be anything
  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Cellphone first

Project objectives

The main objective of the developer is to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to create an effective marketing company with the ability to reward consumers for the data provided.

Building solutions, creating system controls about marketing campaigns to high system classes and focusing on this platform to give the best to control all tasks for all participants to contribute, high on rules that must be followed and then after all participants have successfully performed all these tasks to get prize payment after the end of the search, so this makes all users very interested in contributing to this platform, regarding task control all verification performance is very good.
aQuest is high-performance for controlling ecosystems in marketing campaigns because there are high-tech applications there, and then aQuest integrates with the Enkronos Application and this makes all the quality of creators creating campaigns too, and then with the Enkronos Application we can easily collect for all users and buildings are involved with other users, and then aQuest controls focus on increasing user involvement to make the best brands in the future, building and controlling interactions and transactions on this platform.
With aQuest you can create a strong marketing campaign that focuses on awarding participants.
Participants are asked to complete a simple task to be eligible for safe prize payments. On the other hand, you as a company can collect important data about your customers and increase your brand recognition.

Principle of operation

Aquest  is a decentralized application with an intuitive and simple interface that allows business owners and large companies to create various tasks for customers and consumers to get valuable information and promote their own brands.

This application will mainly be used by the following categories:

  • creator of the ICO;
  • financial services sector;
  • Blockchain-sector;
  • pharmaceutical company;
  • retail representative;
  • famous brand.


To complete the search with the help of  Aquest  , each client will receive prizes in the form of internal platform coins or tokens determined by the creator of the assignment.

aQuest is built on the Enkronos Application stack and uses smart contracts to set warnings for ERC20 searches.
Everyone can join aQuest, without restrictions, without KYC.
Cellphone first
Our first Cellular Approach lets you easily produce on your mobile device.
Enkronos Application Integration
aQuests is a great way to help build User Groups in the Enkronos Application.
aQuest can be in the form of surveys, Bounty assignments, Facebook likes, watching extras, installing apps or capturing Pokemon in Pokemon GO.
You can pay your participants in the ERC-20 token. In the future we plan to also implement PayPal, Credit Cards and other digital currencies.
The initial problem of AQU tokens is programmed by smart contracts and will be done as you see in the pie chart.
For good governance of the aQuest application, transparency is a key value. The overall allocation percentage is the same as stated in the Whitepaper and also displayed in the pie chart on your right.
September 2018
The origin of the idea of ​​the aQuest platform. Development of business concepts and plans.
October 2018
Elaboration of the legal model of the aQuest platform in various jurisdictions. Development begins.
December 2018
Preparation for ICO. Smart contract development for the release of AQU tokens. Private sales begin. Continue development of the platform.
January 2019
End of personal sales. Pre ICO starts. development of APIQuest. development of aQuest web application. Starting from marketing campaigns to attracting end users.
February 2019 – Pre-sale ends. ICO public sales began.
March 2019 – Release beta version of the platform. Starting from the AQU wallet.
April 2019 – ICO public sales expire
May 2019 – Development of AQU wallet.

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