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Many trading platforms offer the customer to get the benefit and provide the easiest. It is like a competition for all platform to be the best trading platform. So, they will always repair their system to get many customers. This is the advantage for all customer to choose the best one. One of the trading platforms is Bcnex that will inform for you like the new user and expert user of cryptocurrency. The BCNEX team aims to margin trading, future contract, spot transaction, and automatic order matching mechanism. This system supports four kinds of coins, like BCNX, BTC, ETH, and USDT. Bcnex offers some solutions for trading exchange and makes the user easy to use their account. The information about Bcnex explain more in the below,
1. Bcnex has maximum quality of the wallet. The important things of cryptocurrency sites are having a strong system like security. Bcnex designed with complete security solution after long time research. There are some kinds of wallet in Bcnex, those are:
Secure hardware
Hot wallet
Cold wallet
The wallet structure of Bcnex structure same like the government in a country, banks and ISP provider. Mostly, digital assets of Bcnex save in cold wallet and far away from hacker attacks. The rest of the currency are saved in the hot wallet. It is enough to save a number of daily withdrawal user. Bcnex integrates with 2FA locks to transaction authentication for some following function like:

Sign and send transaction limit the transaction amount for a period. There is also a feature for check and stop to work when distraction detect. All of the points above are Bcnex promise for a user to look that Bcnex guarantees about the security system.

2. For customer service, Bcnex offers service of competitive advantage and core value. The pleasant user experience is Bcnex priority. One of the things that make user interesting with a trading platform is customer service support. The team of Bcnex ready to solve all user problem. The team is not only an expert in technology but also in financial service. The main purpose of why this tea creates Bcnex is to create a stable environment for traders. Another part of customer support is liquidity. Bcnex cooperative with some trading platform for partnership and have many network partners in the industry. This is the key to exchange and as an investment opportunity to build establish a foundation.

3. BCNX is the symbol of BCNX token in ERC223 token type and release in the Ethereum blockchain. The token distribution is fifteen days after the end of ICO. There is no additional token. The token price is from 0,15$ to 0,45$. Total supply of this token is two hundred million. The use of BCNX token will help the development of a financial platform and marketing. The team focuses on simplifying trading and make it mainstream. BCNX token is a local token to pay for every transaction like withdrawal fee, transaction fee, listing fee and free applied to BCNX. Some kind of discount is available, 75% for first years, 50% for 2nd years, 25% for the 3rd year, and 12,5% for the 4th year.

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