TIBERIUS COIN – primary placement of metals! The most stable ICO

Tiberius Crypto AG, which combines centralized and decentralized worlds, offers a universal solution and creates a platform based on the blockchain technology for trading metals by reversing TCX tokens. Tiberius coin is associated with physical assets belonging to the blockchain, and therefore less volatile, unlike other digital currencies. This is an important advantage of the project. Tiberius Asset Management AG has been operating since 2005. It includes Tiberius Digital Mining (2012), Tiberius ComTech (2016) and Tiberius Coin (2017). This indicator indicates that the company has long taken its place in this area and the platform that they represent is a logical continuation of the business development in the field of metals trading. All metal will be purchased on the London Metal Exchange (LME) to ensure the quality, purity and volume required.

The Tiberius Token (TCX) is a coin of intrinsic value because it is supported by physically supplied metals, which are used in industries such as IoT, transportation, space technology, robotics, mobile and computer technologies. This coin was developed as a logical response to the real problem of global inflation in developing countries with emerging markets. Using the blockchain technology, this platform will solve the problems of inflation, giving each coin holder ownership of metals that are supported and protected by a legal framework based on the Swiss jurisdiction. This means that coin owners will own a product that will always exceed the rate of inflation and will never be zero.

Due to this, coin holders will be protected from the threat of unstable inflation rates that most cryptocurrencies face today. The growing demand for metals will increase your well-being. There is no way to stop inflation, but Tiberius coin can protect against it.

The project team, which has vast experience in the world of physical assets, consists of 11 members, 4 of them are advisors who have experience in both cryptoindustry and asset management. These people have a huge amount of experience behind them and a lot of successfully implemented projects, so this project inspires confidence.

Christoph Eibl is a trading advisor who, for over 20 years trading in merchandise at Dresdner Kleinwort and Tiberius, created a commercial business for the extraction and sale of metals, created the company EV. LInkedin

Philip R.Zimmermann – Chief Scientist and Security Officer – Creator of the first version of the Open Source Encryption Platform Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). LInkedin

Rafael Torreblanca – Managing Director, entrepreneur, founder of several digital enterprises, was a co-founder of Acrobits, a leading and diversified company providing voice and data transmission for large telecommunications companies and governments around the world. LInkedin

Giuseppe Rapallo – Chief Executive Officer, has 11 years experience in project and asset management at Tiberius Asset Management AG. LInkedin

Nicholas Cutler – Chief Technical Officer, previously worked in the world’s largest trading house for the sale of physical goods; holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and finance from the University of Manchester. LInkedin

Thomas Gustinis – Chief B.Development, managed various operational and financial instruments as a development agent in New York, London and Zurich, including the head of the global reporting department at an investment bank, also the Chief Operator of the investment banking treasury and financial director of the treasury groups. Linkedin

Daniel Haudenshild is an adviser and has 20 years of Big-4 experience in financial services and an international view of business. Linkedin

Eugen Weinberg is an advisor, head of commodity research at Commerzbank, has a master’s degree in applied mathematics and is a qualified owner of CFA. Linkedin

Stuart Prior is an adviser, has 20 years of experience in corporate and investment banking business, works in senior positions at leading financial institutions of level 1 such as Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse. Linkedin

Fedor Sapronov is an adviser, he has 17 years of experience in corporate banking and investments, he has held senior positions in Sberbank, Alfa Bank and Gazprombank. Linkedin

The track record of the team inspires confidence and does not cause a drop of doubt in the prospects of this project.

Another important aspect of the Tiberius coin is that the company conducts not the usual ICO, but the initial placement of the metal – IMS. You become the owner of a metal, a physical asset.

Details IMS:

  • Softcap of the project— 20 000 000$
  • Hardcap — нет
  • Ticker— TCX
  • Platform— ethereum/ERC20
  • Minimum participation — 100$
  • Price for 1 TCX = 0,70$

The team will not receive any tokens, all coins will be in circulation.

Become a member of the project by purchasing TCX tokens

Also at certain stages there are bonuses when buying a TCX. The collected funds will be fully directed to the implementation and subsequent development of the project.

In my opinion, Tiberius Coin will be one of the most stable, in the first place, and uniquely profitable cryptocurrencies, so join now. Do not miss the opportunity to become a shareholder of a promising platform.

Website https://www.tiberiuscoin.com/ Whitepaper https://www.tiberiuscoin.com/wp.pdf

Informational resources:

Telegram https://t.me/tiberiuscoinofficial

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Twitter https://twitter.com/TiberiusCoin

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