Records reveal that in 2008, a pseudonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto released detached details that gives the detailed of an idea for a new protocol for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system based on advanced cryptography. This opened the door to a new era. It took almost ten years for this breakthrough technology to become widely accepted, and today, developers have begun to apply the core principles of Bitcoin to many other applications. Block chain technology opens up various possibilities to disrupt the world at so many different points. The future is decentralized.

Historically,it is best known that Human flourishing in its extremely embodiment is gotten from innovation’s capacity to make esteem. Recent statistics show that US$ 32 trillion of new financial development will be released by advances, for example, propelled mechanical autonomy and AI (+US$ 11tn), IoT and cloud innovation (+US$ 12tn), and self-governing electric vehicles (+US$ 4.5tn). In viewing the future we can see that development and innovation are entwined but relentless. Ordinary gadgets are getting to be “more quick witted”, innovation is ending up more incorporated and wearable, and it’s altogether made of metal. Make the first stride in profiting as metal markets are opened to the retail financial specialist through the intensity of the block chain. The Tiberius Coin is metal.

What Tiberius coin all about?
The Tiberius Coin is the first crypto-financial item which stipends a guide possession to a bushel of vital metals that are critical to future advancements. their Tokens act like proprietorship receipts for an indistinguishable distribution and amount of metals. The metal is held and reviewed by free distribution centers, and accessible for conveyance on ask. Each advanced token ought to just be thought of as a computerized identification of the responsibility for: metals: 25g copper, 5g tin Electric Conveyance metals: 25g aluminum, 6g nickel, 1g cobalt Stability metals: 3mg gold, 1.5mg platinum.


  1. Tiberius coins is stable in market
    Given there is less price risk during mundane trading: the Tiberius Coin has a market price which is less volatile than other cryptocurrencies, and also can drop by only a inhibited amount – this is because the market price of the token is fortified by the intrinsic value of the underlying metal.
  2. Tiberius coin is a secure coins in market
    As value in an ecumenical melt-down or otherwise: even in the case of a collapse of several cryptocurrency exchanges or metal markets, the underlying metal is always 100% collateralised and ergo a secure storage of wealth.


Tiberius is a main worldwide products resource director, mining administrator, metal vendor merchant, and Commodities Technology (ComTech) speculator situated in Zug, Switzerland. Our habitation of Zug has for quite some time been a middle for products exchanging however has as of late additionally picked up a notoriety for being a blockchain center point and is lovingly known as “Crypto Valley”. Tiberius’ history returns to 2005 when we propelled Europe’s first effectively overseen wares support, which in the long run developed to US$ 3bn in resources under administration. Ware and financial advertise investment has been key to Tiberius for over 10 years and a wander into the universe of items supported digital currencies is a characteristic augmentation of Tiberius’ center capabilities. Tiberius Asset Management – part of the Tiberius gathering of organizations – is directed by FINMA (Switzerland).

Ideal Investors: Investors can now access financial products previously too complex to participate in Cautious investors who want to protect themselves from a major market downturn. Retail investors that are often unable to invest in commodities. Large consumers that require actual delivery of physical metals Funds and high net worth individuals looking for an investment tool that provides exposure to the digital asset market with an exciting fundamental story and a reasonable degree of safety and security and far less volatility than the traditional digital assets Emerging market investors who need better consumer finance tools and aid in money and remittance transfers

Tiberius Coin has an agreement with Lykke, Swiss complaint crypto-exchange, is in place to start trading after Token Issuance in Q4, 2018.

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