TIP BLOCKCHAIN: Find Your Favourite Cryptocurrency Address the Way You Can Remember

Cryptocurrency has become the currency of people who love simplicity and transparency. With its introduction in the year 2008, it has come a long way. Being able to present solid real-life applications for the users across the world is the ultimate aim of the many of the platform working in the cryptocurrency space. It has become the next billion dollar idea for venture capitalists to invest in the cryptocurrency based startups. And, mainly people are the biggest driving force in the community. But, many of the challenges are still present in the industry and they have to be overcome before the real story of cryptocurrency can begin.
Ambiguous laws and regulations around the cryptocurrency in many parts of the world is another major area of concern. Lack of secure and transparent payment platform for merchants and consumers is one of the most important problems for the growth of cryptocurrency in daily life. The technical knowledge and complexity required in the cryptocurrency transaction are too much for an average consumer.
And, this also puts severe limitations on the daily spending of the cryptocurrency. Lack of cryptocurrency payment integration on the merchant’s payment gateway has limited the benefit of the cryptocurrency for the people. Is there a solution for these challenges?
Solution offered
TIP is here with the solution for the cryptocurrency users of the world. One of the many solutions presented by the company is the easy and user-friendly cryptocurrency address for the cryptocurrency users all over the world. They believe that user-friendly addresses are the first step towards the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency. It is analogous to the IP address on the Internet. Another service offered by the platform is the attachment of transaction metadata on the blockchain. It allows users to attach data of their choice during the cryptocurrency transactions.
The data sent through this process can only be decrypted by the owner of the private key. This will help in creating a searchable & indexable platform where anyone can search for anyone leading to the discovery of new content and people on the network.
Creating Dapps will be one of the many applications where developers will be able to develop customised fields. A P2P messaging feature will be available on the digital wallet developed by the platform. Text, video, audio and other formats are provided for the people on the platform. Point of sale application is specially developed for the retailers with multiple features including transaction management and order management.
Social payment is another concept being utilised on the platform where you can easily send cryptocurrency to your friend. Tip Protocol is base protocol on which the Tip network node works and many transaction types are possible on the Tip Blockchain.
1,000,000,000 TIP Tokens are created for the project in which 60% is reserved for the ICO. One ETH is equal to the 10,000 TIP. The exact dates for the ICO are yet to be announced but the process of whitelisting for the token sale participation is currently live on the platform.
45% of the funds collected from the ICO will be utilised for the research & development while 25% of the funds will be utilised for the marketing & business development. The team working on the project consists of people from various backgrounds, such as blockchain technology and startup.
People have recognised the different capabilities of the bitcoin and altcoins in the business and daily life. There has been continuous improvement in the technology and its popularity in the global world. People are realising the truth behind the traditional currency and finding its alternative. Centralised institutions have become wary of the growing research and development in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
Creating applications that help in the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency is the part of the plan and they believe that creating value around this idea has propelled them to create many useful applications. I think that their idea of the user-friendly cryptocurrency address will be appreciated by the users of the cryptocurrency. What do you think about the other applications presented by the platform? Are they on the right track in creating a sustainable path for the cryptocurrency growth in the market?
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