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The world is modernizing and cryptocurrency being the flag bearer is witnessing the change. Those who are using it are getting the advantage while those who are still unaware about the very magical currency have to buck up because they will be standing at last in the crowd of millions.
Cryptocurrency has turned into the cash of individuals who cherish straightforwardness and straightforwardness. With its presentation in the year 2008, it has made considerable progress. Having the capacity to display strong genuine applications for the clients over the world is a definitive point of the a considerable lot of the stage working in the cryptocurrency space. It has turned into the following billion dollar thought for financial speculators to put resources into the cryptocurrency based new businesses. What’s more, essentially individuals are the greatest main impetus in the group. In any case, huge numbers of the difficulties are as yet introduce in the business and they must be overcome before the genuine story of cryptocurrency can start.
Uncertain laws and controls around the cryptocurrency in numerous parts of the world is another significant territory of concern. Absence of secure and straightforward installment stage for shippers and customers is a standout amongst the most critical issues for the development of cryptocurrency in every day life. The specialized learning and intricacy required in the cryptocurrency exchange are excessively for a normal customer.
What’s more, this likewise puts serious confinements on the day by day spending of the cryptocurrency. Absence of cryptocurrency installment incorporation on the vendor’s installment portal has restricted the advantage of the cryptocurrency for the general population. Is there an answer for these difficulties?
Foto Tip Network.
Arrangement advertised
TIP is here with the answer for the cryptocurrency clients of the world. One of the numerous arrangements exhibited by the organization is the simple and easy to understand cryptocurrency address for the cryptocurrency clients everywhere throughout the world. They trust that easy to understand addresses are the initial move towards the mass selection of the cryptocurrency. It is closely resembling the IP address on the Internet. Another administration offered by the stage is the connection of exchange metadata on the blockchain. It enables clients to connect information of their decision amid the cryptocurrency exchanges.
The information sent through this procedure must be unscrambled by the proprietor of the private key. This will help in making an accessible and indexable stage where anybody can scan for anybody prompting the disclosure of new substance and individuals on the system.
Making Dapps will be one of the numerous applications where engineers will have the capacity to create redid fields. A P2P informing highlight will be accessible on the advanced wallet created by the stage. Content, video, sound and different organizations are accommodated the general population on the stage. Purpose of offer application is uniquely created for the retailers with multiple highlights including exchange administration and request administration.
Social installment is another idea being used on the stage where you can without much of a stretch send cryptocurrency to your companion. Tip Protocol is construct convention with respect to which the Tip arrange hub works and numerous exchange composes are conceivable on the Tip Blockchain.
How does it work?
Tip is a blockchain platform which works on the basis of three-tier system.
Peer to peer Cryptocurrency transaction – Making crypto transfer an easy process by their platform because earlier the long addresses were confusing to remember but now the unique usernames help the users to easily talk to each other and do the transactions through Tip tokens.
Simple and efficient mobile wallet – Buying cryptocurrency is difficult but storing it securely is itself a different ball game but with Tip wallet it is easy and efficient.
Payment and merchant point sale system – It is not only a platform to transact money but also used for buying and selling things direct from the merchant itself and paying without any headaches through Tip tokens.
ICO details
Tokens are mainly allocated to
Token sale – 60%
Company reserve – 16%
Advisors & early backers – 10%
Team – 9%
Bounties – 8%
People have recognised the different capabilities of the bitcoin and altcoins in the business and daily life. There has been continuous improvement in the technology and its popularity in the global world. People are realising the truth behind the traditional currency and finding its alternative. Centralised institutions have become wary of the growing research and development in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
Key Features Tip Blockchain Platform.?
  • Smart Addresses
    Sending money to friends and family using their username.
  • Merchant Solutions
    Point of sale system for merchants to easily accept cryptocurrency payments from their customers, saving transaction fees and time.
  • Transaction Metadata
    Arbitrary data attached to transactions can be used for various purposes, including identifying info, memos for payments, receipt confirmation and more.
  • Search and Discovery
    Information on the network is indexed and searchable so users and businesses can find information by searching using our wallet and point of sale apps.
  • Peer-to-peer Instant Messaging
    Chat with your friends and family over secure peer-to-peer connections and send TIP tokens from right within your conversation.
  • Light Mobile and Desktop Wallets
    Our light desktop wallet ensures that you can connect to the Tip network and start sending transactions whether you’re at home, office, or on the go.
The Tip Token
The TIP token is the unit of account on the Tip network. It is the native currency on the network, thus is used to pay for transactions, storage and other services on the network. TIP is a utility token that the users will be able to use it to:
Transfer between peer to peer.
  • Use it to buy things in the real world with merchants who accept TIP.
  • To store data on the Tip decentralized database.
  • To pay for transaction fees on the network.
  • Reward developers for creating apps that run on the Tip Network.
  • To vote for delegates to secure the network.
  • For delegates to stake their coins and earn staking rewards for securing the network.
The Tip platform provides an ecosystem that will allow users to purchase both digital goods and services on the platform, and also tangible goods in the real world from merchants that accept Tip token.
Token Sale Tip
Info Token Tip
  • Token Type: Ethereum ERC20
  • Purchase with: ETH
  • Base Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 TIP
  • Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH
Token Tip Price Structure.
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