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Review About ICO Token Tipper

What is Tipper?
Tipper is a social media-based ‘econosystem’ that allows users to act as a ‘tip’. If you share a message on the Tipper platform, other users may tell you that you are using a native TIPR token from the network. So, your night and meditation can eventually fund your morning coffee.
Tipper is the first decentralized social media platform set up with two-way monetization. This next generation platform will balance the comparison of monetization and benefits for all users by offering incentives to cultural tips; a platform that empowers and promotes creators of popular content, general users and advertisers; a platform that uses the collective power of the people to bring revolutionary change to individuals and collectors.
Reasons why you should choose a tipper
A platform that uses the collective power of the people to bring these revolutionary changes to the individual and the collective. Companies like Uber and Airbnb acknowledge the power to use people and resources (cars, rooms) have a hug in the future to bring massive monetary opportunities. These companies change the world because they create a way for the average person to generate more revenue. Tipper is a platform that empowers and rewards popular creators, general users and advertisers. The Tipper Platform will allow anyone to earn money from their online activities and earn more from life. So, Uber and Airbnb’s social media are becoming what managers and people’s goods are with savings rooms, but with content as a commodity for monetization by users.
Features Toggle blockchain
In today’s paradigm, the only way to manage, through centralization, and that is what big corporate members use, causing problems we experience today. Therefore, this new network should facilitate the order of more transactions in the form of micro payments required for this purpose. Taking note of the next generation of protocols designed to help decentralize the internet, the biggest component needs to be addressed, which is video streaming data.
Tipping Blockchain protocol is as below:
– 250,000 + Microtransactions / s (For a decent (YouTube) video (Video) scale
– Transformation / s (For Tipping (Payment) on blockchain)
– Level of mining transactions (Breaking of the mining pool)
– Multi-chain mining (scalability)
– Mr. Mining
– Quality of service
– Private
4 Tipper Pillars
1. Tipper Pillar First “Ad Model”
Tipping is about monetization for every user so people can grow. Therefore, 100% of all advertising revenue in the Tipper platform goes to users — where it should be provided. This revolutionary incentive is designed to stimulate Tipper Social Economy, as billions of dollars of advertisements will spread among the public. This is made possible by the low cost of Tipper’s decentralized network.
2. Toggles Pillar 2 “Momentisasi”
Have a good time. The moment that millions bind, will produce millions. Momentisasi Hint When the world we live in is full of exciting and unforgettable moments that we share and celebrate. The winning goal of the game, which makes the performance of history. Well, for the first time, the moment that millions bind, millions will produce.
Tipper now offers the creator of this moment, and the people who celebrate it shared it by winning the user lately. Currently, it is used to raise funds for the purchase of income generating assets for the community. Minimized revenue will return to ‘Tipper Social Economy’, for peer-circulation. A new era of community funding serving the community.
3. Pillar Pillar up to 3: Model Tip
This platform not only generates revenue with certain norms, but now there is no limit to what you can get at the post, unlock an unrivaled Pandora event box and notify all the new meanings.
As mentioned above, the suggestions have been replaced with tips in this new social economy so that all users can monetize their social media presence directly and inclusive.
Like voices and views, limit retrenchment excellence, which spends unprecedented monetization opportunities for many users who manage social media with all their skills, creativity and energy. But tipping is unlimited, due to the variety of sentimental and human emotions. The more users stimulate the social economy by giving tips to other users, the more chances they get to get it.
4. Kit Player 3 Investment Content
Tipper will be the first marketplace content in the world, where all users can invest and get content from each. For the first time, Tipper introduced the world to the Content Investing ™ Creation feature.
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White Paper: https://goo.gl/jVd2Q3



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