Tipper is creating a new world of unlimited monetization opportunity through direct monetization for all social media activity – not just video content, but rather all posts, by everyone; a two-way econosystem of abundance and circulation of wealth for the growing patron generation.

With Tipper, we usher in the next paradigm of social media. We spent the last decade mastering the circulation of digital content, now it’s time to master the art of circulating digital wealth. In the beginning, there was the birth of the social network, now evolution gives rise to the Social Economy of Tipper.

Tipper’s primary aim is to utilize this vast amount of human energy, time and resources to create an economic ecosystem where everyone has a monetization opportunity on every level all in one place.

Tipper is the first decentralized social media platform to be founded on two way monetization. This next generation platform will balance the monetization equation and benefits for all users by incentivizing tip culture; a platform that empowers and benefits popular content creators, common users, and advertisers all alike; a platform that harnesses the combined power of the people to bring revolutionary change for the individual and the collective.

Companies like Uber and Airbnb, have recognized the power of utilizing the people and their resources (cars, rooms), have embraced the future, by bringing a monetization opportunity to the masses. These companies changed the world because they created a way for average people to make more income.

Thus, Tipper will become for Social Media what Uber and Airbnb became for drivers and people with spare rooms, but with content as the commodity that users will monetize from. The Tipper platform will enable everyone to monetize from their online activity and get a whole lot more out of life.



Pillar 1: TIPPING
Through tipping, all content will now be directly supported by peers voluntarily on a merit-based system. Tipper is creating a world where likes are now tips. With this new social media reality, Tipper is giving viral a whole new meaning. Now users are incentivized to tip more because there is an immediate benefit for them to tip any piece of content or user. Every single post now will operate as a micro tip back entity, with a smart contract running on every post which will tip back selected users a percentage of the total tips earned by the given post. This will fuel more content to go viral as users will want to be in on the tip action for every post, because there is a potential there to earn for them on every post

Content Investing, a game-changing idea through which all users will be able to earn from the Tipper Platform. Essentially, all content is valuable on Tipper because it is a potential income-earning asset. In the previous era of social media, popular people were able to earn from producing content. Now on Tipper, for the first time ever, all people will be able to earn from investing in content. It’s an incredible opportunity that will empower every user to be able to make money from a social media platform, in a potentially massive market.

A branded tip is a smart contract token which predominantly only advertisers can create on the Tipper platform. These tokens contain the advertiser’s insignia and their digital message, which is viewed in the user’s tip inbox.
All advertising revenues brought into the Tipper Social Economy are collected into the platform’s collective tip jar (repository), and are converted to branded tips (branded smart tokens). From there, 50% of the branded tips will be reserved for tip redistribution by users to other users, while advertisers will decide which users to send the other 50% of the branded tokens to.

Momentization is a foundational pillar of the social economy of Tipper, because Tipper is all about enhancing everyone’s lives through social monetization. For the first time ever, we are embarking on a whole new era and level of crowdfunding, beyond anything seen before, as momentization will raise large amounts of capital regularly, the allocation of which will then be collectively decided upon, for the benefit of the people.

Momentization on Tipper, will provide a means for people to tip the creators of these moments (stimulators) – athletes, performers, entertainers, characters etc. – and thus create a large pot of wealth, part of which goes to the stimulator, part of which goes to selected users who have tipped that moment, and part of which goes back into the Tipper Social Economy. These funds will then be used to purchase companies whose services Tipper users will get benefits from. In short, it’s a whole new social dynamic and a new avenue of earning for users that has never existed before, with many incredible economic implications for the people.



For more information please visit:

Website: https://www.tippereconomy.io/token/index.html

Whitepaper: https://www.tippereconomy.io/Documents/TIPPER_WHITEPAPER_DRAFT_1.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tippereconomy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tippereconomy

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HjnmdhAb4dOBxP8eaiNmoA

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