Tipper economy- know more about it and its pillars

People these days are very much involved in social media application like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lots more application. Here on these social media application, we involve ourselves in the community of digital personalities. There are many people who spend their time, energy and money on these applications sometimes it comes to use, and many times it is wasted as well. But with the help of this tipper economy, you can use this wasted things and for the benefits of people as well as others. This is a type of media platform that will help you in saving energy, time and money.

This platform helps you in utilizing the amount and helps in providing people with the monetization opportunity on every level of their place. TIPPER ECONOMY can easily do this with the help of blockchain where you can easily decentralize the system that can be used for peer to peer and even for the fast transaction as well. This is the system that will help you in empowering the people and also provide them with great support.

Pillars of tipper economy

• Tipping- with the help of this one can easily incentivize the users and provides them with the two-way monetization opportunity. It provides you with the radically new system that will help all the people who are participating on this platform. They help in participating in the social economy and provide them with great benefits.

• Content investing- since the content is said to be one of the most important contents of social media. Content is also said to be the content investing in the ultimate and evolution of the patronage models. It is said to be another important part of this structure that will help you in making a new arrangement, and this will help you in creating a valuable proposition for users.

• Branded tips- this is the new model branded tips which finally rewards the people with a model designed that will help you in bringing the wealth to the people, and this will also help the people in stimulating the wealth in the economy and for the participant’s benefits. tipper economy is said to be the leading way by seeding the system with a great number of users. On this, the ad revenues are said to be the seed users that will encourage the people to be the part of the tipper and can earn money through it.

• Monetization- as monetization is said to be the pillar of the social economy. The main aim is to enhance the lives of the people through social monetization. It is for the first time that people are using the crowdfunding. This will help you in rising large amount of capital so that the people can have a large number of benefits and collectively depends on the benefits of the people.

These are the pillars of tipper economy that will help you in getting the best from social media application and will also help you in getting great benefits. One can easily earn a lot by posting content on it.

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