TIPPER: ICO networking platform

Tipper is the first ever decentralized social networking platform formed through two-way monetization. The next generation platform will balance the level of monetization and benefits for all users, creating incentives for using the platform, Tipper will create a platform that benefits for content creater, users and advertisers. Tipper platform uses the combined strength of people to achieve revolutionary change for individuals and collectives. The focus of Tipper Blockchain Protocol is to facilitate trade using the Ethereum virtual machine as a base, and oversee the progress of further enhancements.

Tippers aim to utilize vast amount of human energy, time and resources to create an economic ecosystem in which everyone has a monetization opportunity on every level in a place. The Tipper platform gives access to users and clients of the network within the field of communication with the service to gain and deliver point of reference as the use of functional feature to help as maximizing performance. Tipper platform harnesses the combined power of the people to bring revolutionary change to the individual and it’s collective.

Tipper is creating an economy through new paradigm of peer to peer tip culture. The tipper social economy rests on four foundation pillars which acts as economic engines of stimulation and create the incentive structures between the users, content creators and advertisers. These pillars are:

= Tipping

= Content investing

= momentifization

= branded tips


Investing in content.

Tipper introduces the world of Content Investing TM. Tipper will be the world’s first content on the market, where all customers will be able to contribute and acquire each other’s material. Progressive two-tailed adaptation, like never before.

Advertising revenue comes to users.

Tipper is an adaptation for every client, so that the population can thrive. This progressive motivator is designed to strengthen the social economy, as billions of encouraging dollars will be distributed among the population. This is a progressive double advantage, as advertisers buy advertising space, and also receive money translated into firm.


These protocols will be used to raise funds for the acquisition of income, allocating resources to the population as a whole. Instant revenue will depend on the social economy of Tipper for distributed flow. Another period of group financing, which serves the population as a whole.

No restrictions.

Tipper is boundless because of the diversity of human feelings and emotions. Tipper earns on posts, but now there is a possibility of their monetization. Types replace husky. Now users are encouraged to put types more, because from this they get the benefit.


Kind Regards, please be part of this great project.


Website: https://www.tippereconomy.io/token/index.html

White Paper: https://www.tippereconomy.io/Documents/TIPPER_WHITEPAPER_DRAFT_1.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tippereconomy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tippereconomy

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HjnmdhAb4dOBxP8eaiNmoA

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