TOK is a multifunctional decentralized chat application built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Although providing users all the classic features of a chat application, it also provides a lightweight, built-in electronic wallet. While communicating with family and friends through TOK, the application provides more functionality than regular instant messaging applications.

TOK is an integrated instant messaging application with features useful for personal and professional purposes. Webinars, collaborative documents, whiteboards, screen sharing, video playback, advanced location features and money transfers are some of our core services.

main function
TOK chat
Now talk to your colleagues, friends and family in a seamless, peer-to-peer conversation.
TOK video call
Audio / video call
Enjoy audio / video calls on par with high speed, ensuring no time lag.
TOK video conference
TV affair
Enjoy ‘one to many’ or ‘many to many’ video conferences with high quality and uninterrupted experience.
TOK geotagging
Geotag and direct tracking
Locate your friends or family and keep track of their activities. Now you can easily find your friends who are near you.
TOK mobile app
Share file Tok
File sharing & collaboration documents
Now share files of all types and work collaboratively on documents with your team.
vimage.pngonline seminars
Notes speak louder than your enthusiasm. Broadcast directly on TOK, organize webinars and invite people to participate.
Share the TOK screen
Screen sharing
Share your screen with just a tap and make a presentation or display your business plan on the go.
TOK wallet
A light weight electronic wallet will allow you to buy, sell or pay easily.

Why choose us?
User data is secure
Advantages User data violations will not be possible on TOK.

Consolidated platform
Configure TOK provided as another application, can be used for users and professional communication

Flexible & easy to use
Updating on devices and system controls, TOK is Easy to use on the mode. Authentication is possible, but not during offers.

Buying. Sell. Pay.
TOK electronic wallet features built-in to allow users to buy, sell and send tokens to anyone.

IEO coming soon
Total number of tokens to sell
TOK 325,000,000 (65%)

August 15, 2019 (00:00 UTC)

Exchange rate
1 ETH = 219.545000 TOK

1 LTC = 92.875000 TOK

1 BTC = 9854.180000 TOK

Currency accepted

Minimum transaction amount
0.05 ETH / 0.0015 BTC / 0.20 LTC

TOK Allocation


Use TOK fund

Our advisor
Raffaele Della Roto
Raffaele Della Roto
Raffaele is a lawyer with significant experience in nearly tất cả các sở hữu của dữ liệu và dữ liệu bảo vệ. He được xác định các Law của dữ liệu xác thực (GDPR) tại Groningen University và mạng Security ở Deakin University và chứa một tài khoản chính quy và Corporate Banking, and một tập tin Data Protection và Security. Người làm việc như một vấn đề hợp lệ và ICO cho công nghiệp và agencies.
Erika Rosenstein
Erika Rosenstein
Erika has been working with an ICN account and account recipient – identify resources and Investment Relations. After studying business finance at Trinity College Dublin and the Business Law at Heinrich-Heine University-Düsseldorf University, she holds a Master’s Degree in Financial Risk Management. You are making a correct issue and ICO for companies and industries.
Nipoon Agarwal
Nipoon Agarwal
Nipoon is a specialist management and business strategy với Over 15 years trong một số trường và Nipoon không chỉ chỉ Six Sigma nhưng có Professional Professional Marketing & International Business software. Bạn có Advisory Board để làm việc để thực hiện và thực hiện TOK implementation.

frequently asked Questions

What is TOK?
TOK application is a unified Decentralized Communication application.

What is the purpose of TOK?
With TOK, we are creating a new communication universe. Technology có nó trái và phải sides. Print giao dịch số, một thiết bị đã được gỡ bỏ, người dùng Breach; one thing becomes a constant worry. Đang dùng và hackers sẽ tạo tiền từ người dùng dữ liệu người dùng, TOK sẽ tìm kết thúc với tùy chọn không rõ để xoá dữ liệu và dữ liệu hacks. .

TOK Aim to create content animations with sizes, safer, and add notification notifications to allow users to limit their use. TOK, will be a new application communication era that allows users to exchange data seamlessly and securely not only with group chat and unknown and necessary and files and files, but with permissions. If an additional option is needed to create this transaction, it is not only for users, but for Professionals

What is the present time in the road?
TOK application is set to be deployed in 3 phases.

Stage 1: Small version of the app with Group Chat and Private, Audio & Video Calls with built-in TOK wallet.

Session 2: This mode will have at least created more, Video Meetings and Secret Chat.

Stage 3: Action Ultim

Why do we do by IEO?
If determined by the final version, TOK ICO is too small and is not supported by the optional database. Groups are using database to create version (mode 1) and Some mode of mode 2. Although The world deserves to communicate easily – The TOK application will make that happen.

When can I trade my purchased token?
You can trade Token Token purchased after the IEO period ends on both exchanges.

What should I do if I have more questions?
Our whitepaper will answer most questions you may have. Sometimes we will update the website, the whitepaper and this list of Frequently Asked Questions. Bạn có thể đăng nhập để đăng nhập với người dùng tại này nhó


 FACEBOOK: https: // www / thetokapp


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