What is TOK?

It is a multi-functional decentralized chat application built on the Ethereum Blockchain. While offering users all the classic features of a chat application, it also offers a light weight in-built cryptocurrency wallet. While communicating with family and friends through TOK, the application will offer many more functionalities as compared to the conventional instant messaging apps.

TOK is a unified instant messaging application with features that are useful for personal and professional purposes. Webinars, collaborative documents, whiteboard, screen sharing, video broadcasts, advanced location features and currency transfer are a few of our core offerings.

What to Expect with TOK?

TOK will be compatible bot on your computer and cellphones such as IOS, Android and Windows. All users will be able to download the application from the respective App Stores once the development is complete.


Maps would be integrated seamlessly in TOK. Users will have the option of enabling or disabling maps in their application. The GEO Location feature is part of the map. Once it is enabled users will be able to see their friend’s and their location in real time.

GEO Location

TOK will helps users see where their friends are and their live status on the map:
-User will be able to see if their friend is moving.
-Or is at one place, Zoom in and users will be able to see their accurate location.
-The GEO Location feature in TOK will allow users to send out alets to their friends in case they are in trouble or in emergency and needs help.

Screen Sharing

Users will be able to share the screens with their contacts. This is one of the most important features of the App especially for Business using the application. User’s will also be able to secure their Screens by enabling or disabling the option of screen grabs while sharing their screens.

Collaborative Documents

This feature will allow users to work in collaboration when required. Whether its for business, a simple student project, or even a family project, with collaborative documents users will be able to share their work in progress documents with others. They will have the option to choose who all can view and edit the documents and change setting as per their requirements.


Users will be able to hos or attend webinars through this feature that comes in build in the TOK application. A first of its kind feature in an instant messaging app, Webinars will be the game changer. Users will need to purchase TOK credits to avail this feature. People hosting webinars will have the option of hosting a free or a paid webinar. The free webinars will have a time restriction and will be available for a limited period for viewing. For the paid webinars, the audience will require TOK credits to attend or view the webinar later.


The in-build light weight cryptocurrency wallet is one of the core features of TOK. Our users will be able to send and receive among the TOK community through the wallet. Using TOK tokens, users will also be able to buy or subscribe to premium services like Webinars.

Instant Messaging Apps

The increased used of smartphones and internet penetration gave birth to numerous instant messaging applications in online communication. People preferred using IMs over the conventional text communication methods of SMS and MMS. Instant messaging allowed users to interact real time, check if their message has been received or even read by the users, making it a lot more convenient. One of the major advantage of instant messaging is its free usage, the simplicity of their user interfaces (ease of use) and its extensive availability on all platforms and mobile devices.

There are so many instant messaging apps across platforms that are available to users globally. There applications have inculcated features that are read and texting experience, surpassing the abilities and costs of traditional SMS texts. In instant messaging apps the length of the message is not limited to a few words or character and users can share different formats like photos, videos, voice notes in a seamless manner.

The Following are the major factors that have influenced the development of instant messaging market:

The ease of using internet enabled mobile devices and its growing popularity.
The adoption and increase in use of social networking sites.
The growing need of communicating in real time.
Increasing importance to intimate forums, groups chat or discussion platforms.
The multimedia features that enhanced the online communication experience offered by instant messaging apps.
The increasing trust in peer-to-peer payments and E-commerce.

TOK Technical Advantages

  • Decentralized Architecture- TOK architecture is developed based on P2P communication without the participation of servers and hence the data does not get stored anywhere at any given time.
  • Security
    The use of asymmetric end to end encryption along with peer to peer connections on TOK eliminates the possibility of intercepting user correspondence.
  • Absence of Single Point of Failure- TOK doesn’t use a server to exchange messages, as well as to make audio and video calls, therefore, there is no central link, the malfunction of which could lead to unavailability of the service.
  • Application of Smart Contracts- To attend or view a webinar, users will be needed to pay. Either the host or the attendees pay to use this service payment for which are carried out via smart contracts on the Ethereum platform using the TOK token.
  • Confidentiality
    The absence of servers that store user correspondence excludes the disclosure of this information at the request pf government agencies or hacker attacks.
  • Crpss-platform Versions- Versions of the TOK application are developed for all popular platforms.

TOK Token Allocation


4% is allocated to the Board Advisor’s.
5% is allocated to Bounty, Referrals, Community Bldg
6% is allocated to Market Penetration.
10% is allocated to Growth fund and reserve.
10% is allocated to Core team.
65% is allocated to investors of the Pre-sale and ICO.

TOK Wallet Functionality

The TOK application will contain a built-in lightweight wallet that will allow users to safely store and transact using the TOK tokens and any other ERC20 compatible tokens. Users will be able to buy and sell products or simply transfer tokens to one another using the wallet.

For using the Webinar service, users will be required to purchase TOK credits in advance using the TOK token.

All transaction that happen using the TOK wallet will get recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Technology — Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum Blockchain was not created to be a platform that created and records ledger information of transfers of the blockchain;s native token. It was instead created with a lot more in mind a generalized and public blockchain with a Truing- complete programming language. This is enabled people to write programs with customized transaction formats and even specifically stated transition functions, basically specifyun the rules they wanted to govern their transactions and allowing the blockchain to interpret these rules. This is what is called the Smart Contract.

These Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain have their own addresses and digital assets, which means that there have the capability of sending such assets to other parties using the rules that have been predefined within the programming code of the contract. What’s brilliant is that the transactions are visible to every party in the network. Smart contracts can be used across board to serve a variety of purposes, as they can enforce complicated rules and even automated incentive structures for not only cryptocurrencies but also multy-party protocols such as auctions and more.

Such advanced features and the active ecosystem of the Ethereum blockchain make it the best fit for the TOK Protocol.

TOK Advisor’s


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