TOK – The Decentralized Chat Application Based On Blockchain.


It is hard to imagine how our society would develop if the old ways of communication were not replaced by new ones. I think that in the world there are no such people who would regret the convenience of communication with their near and dear ones that we possess today. If we talk about my own convictions, then I am completely delighted that I can call or write a message to my mother or sister, a friend from Ukraine and find out how they are doing at any time convenient for me day or night. And for this, I do not need to wait long for an answer by mail, since the Internet works wonders.

  • about the project

TOK is a new level decentralized chat application that has a multifaceted level of building functions and built-in tools. The presence of which implies a wide selection of user communications with his family, friends, relatives and colleagues. Of course, in addition to the classic functions, like any other messenger, TOK has additional built-in functions, which include a cryptocurrency wallet and much more, necessary for professional purposes. These can easily be attributed to: webinars; and various functions that help determine the location of an object; as well as various currency transfers and other amenities.

  • Problems

But as they say, the medal always has two sides, the good and the bad. And the messaging topic is no exception. All of you probably remember the recent case of FACEBOOK. Namely, the one when there was a massive leak of personal data of its users. Of course, they soon froze this conflict, but the problem didn’t resolve this on their own. Because no existing centralized messaging platform protects its user from the very leak of personal data. And all because all data is stored on one central service. And this means that in case of any system failure, or hacking, people will again be able to suffer from the negligent attitude of the developers of one or another messenger.

  • mission

TOK is committed to creating a new communications universe with faster, safer and more personal communication that allows people around the world. TOK will be a new era of communication applications that will allow users to seamlessly and safely exchange data via video, but will also enable their users to create a communication ecosystem that is not only conductive for personal, but also for professional use or purpose.

  • vision

Technology has its positive and negative sides. In the era of digital communications, one of the main shortcomings is the violation of user data; one that constantly bothers. Since companies and hackers make money from consumers’ personal data, there is a fear that this world has become a world with privacy leaks and data hacking.

Features of the TOK application:

  • chat room

Talk with friends, colleagues, and relatives in a peer-to-peer encrypted chat offered by TOK that provides data security, high speed, and efficiency.

  • Audio / Video Calls

We all know that speaking is easier than text, and thus made it possible to peer audio / video calls to all our users. High speed ensures no delay.

  • Video conference

Video conferencing is getting easier with TOK. Whether it’s a one-to-many network or many-to-many network, you will receive a high-quality and flawless conference.

  • Geotagging and direct tracking

Find your friends and track their activities directly with TOK. You can easily find friends near you.

  • Share joint files and documents

Whether it’s a student project or a multi-million dollar business plan, work together with your team to get the best results. Share files of all types and easily work together on documents.

  • webinar

Paying attention speaks louder than your enthusiasm. He served directly in the TOK, organized a webinar and invited people to join. Your ideas / thoughts need a platform and an audience, TOK gives you that.

  • Screen sharing

You can share a screen with a presentation and showing a business plan while traveling. Do not limit the 16-inch screen.

  • purse

A lightweight internal cryptocurrency wallet allows you to easily buy, sell or pay. All transactions are guaranteed through the blockchain structure.

Key features of TOK;

  • Chat: chatting with friends or family.
  • Audio / video calls: P2P audio / video calls at high speed.
  • Video conferencing: enjoy video conferencing with colleagues.
  • Geographical tags and real-time tracking: find and track people.
  • File Sharing and Collaboration Documents: Share files with anyone.
  • Webinars: Organize webinars and start living with TOK.
  • Screen sharing: share your screen with anyone.
  • Wallet: Lightweight built-in cryptocurrency wallet.


  • IEO coming soon
  • 325,000,000 TOK (65%)


  • August 15, 2019 (00:00 UTC)

Tokens exchange rate

  • 1 ETH = 224.850000 TOK
  • 1 LTC = 99.725000 TOK
  • 1 BTC = 10561.510000 TOK




  • 0.05 ETH / 0.0015 BTC / 0.20 LTC


  • TOK Distribution

  • Road map


  • Raffaele della roto 

Raffaele is a lawyer with significant experience in almost all areas of corporate law and data protection.

  • Erica Rosenstein 

Erica works as a financial reporter and professional trader before embarking on a career as an ICO consultant – covering finance and investor relations.

  • Nipun agarwal 

Nipoon is a specialist in project management and business strategy with over 15 years of experience in various industries and for the success of many projects around the world.

  • Conclusion

If I honestly looked at the official website of this project, I was very pleased with that not a small list of possible exchanges on which the developers of the TOK application are planning to list their own coins. Therefore, dear friends, do not miss your chance. Study the project in more detail, delve into the essence of the project and analyze the features described in it, more consciously. After all, who knows, and suddenly in the near future it will be he who will become the leading application in the whole world.

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