Token Stars Team- Celebrity Management Platform On Blockchain

The primary plan behind TokenStars is to bring the connections between superstars, lovers and marketers to an alternative level and fix superstar management trade issues.

  • Stars: skills and professionals. In affiliate era once experienced profession development incredibly relies upon on the power to attract in public investment and connect to the financing resources, superstars want extra ways that to generate discovered by the viewers and vendors.
  • Fans. The balance of superstars, lovers, and press has moved considerably. Fans not simply watch. Immediately they take part, evaluate, review, imagine and interact with their preferred superstars. Fans want enhancements which will give possibilities for connections and two-way marketing communications with superstars.
  • Advertisers. Manufacturers demand new programs of marketing with incredibly involved viewers and demand clear and flexible resources to run promotional initiatives.

We understand that so as to motivate cooperation between Brobdingnagian variety of members TokenStars shall develop climbable digital solutions and aggressive rewards for all events. Therefore, we often develop the common blockchain system which will permit members to mix its prevents and obtain the required results. Eventually it’ll change the manner however superstars interact with their lovers and marketers, creating it extra cost-effective and useful. we often present TEAM icon to allow the connections between events. TEAM wedding party (ERC-20 standard) can function a type of accessibility to TokenStars system and as an interior currency, needed for most of functions and dealings among our plan.
Use of Blockchain
Our choice of blockchain as actual technology of the TokenStars system allows us to develop clear, scalable and proven system for all system members, especially for lovers,scouts, marketers and marketers. We will allow lovers group management with resources to review the records of blockchain allocated balance sheet to confirm the visibility of connections and avoid the potential disputes between the members.

Solving industry problems

TokenStars resolves 4 major issues of industry participants:

  • Abilities (future stars). We offer financial support to young talents at the critical younger age, so they don’t drop out of expert activities and enjoyment sectors. We also help them to attract in viewers and acquire public investment from the beginning of cooperation, to start expert profession with a sufficient disability (in comparison to their peers).
  • Benefits (active activities & enjoyment stars). We offer reflection and marketing marketing to the established pro-athletes and press individualities, that are already eye-catching for vendors but were neglected by traditional organizations.
  • Fans desire much nearer connections with superstars celebrities and more impact over their preferred groups. We offer lovers areas with possibilities to connect in real-time, choose upcoming superstars and become involved in the superstar activities.
    TokenStars system have 12 segments for the group and CHARITY For more information for TokenStars Charitable organisation if how it works.
    TokenStars ICO is already LIVE. Token Sale started +40% Reward until 10 Jan, 12:00pm PDT and have extra 5% bunos those traders who take part 1Bitcoin and above.
    Star ICO Module: tokenizing time

The celebrity performs his personal ICO, gets advance payment for various unique marketing communications with the lovers (locker-room trip, meals, conversations, merchandize).
Some provides are sold at sales. Offers like movie conversations have endless number of members. Celebrity time is an important and limited resource. Which is an important growth factor.
‘An Olympic champion’ presells 50 hours of his marketing communications with the lovers, who receive wedding party on 1 on 1 training with the celebrity, VIP dinner, videos talk and other unique provides.

Detail of Token

NAME : Token Stars
SOFT CAP : $1,000,000
HARD CAP : $15,000,000
Total Supply : 75,000,000 TEAM

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