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About TokenData

TokenData is the first platform that builds and executes professional investment decisions, relying on an awesome crypto-assets datalake.

With the Brooklyn Project in 2015, everything we knew collapsed. We then dove into the Blockchain and the Ethereum protocol: a new world was opening its doors to us. We started to follow and support all the extraordinary programs that began to unravel in 2016. The rocket was launched, and more and more companies started to raise funds through ICOs. Due to the impossibility to support all new promising projects, we had to start collecting data for evaluation purposes.

At this point, traditional methods of analysis we used to know could not apply any longer. Cryptosphere stakeholders are very different from traditional investors and have different decision-making behaviors.

We focused on Big Data methodology and Artificial Intelligence, the most efficients technologies for understanding those circles. We have collected a great deal of data on the crypto-assets ecosystem. We developped a platform, offering reliable, complete datasets and improved new indicators to empower our clients. A whole new level of decision-making technology was born for professional investors.

We provide investors with the best technology through our trading terminal. As Bloomberg’s “Bloom” did in the 90’s for traditional markets, our box delivers billions of reliable datas through streaming canals as well as FIX APIs.

As of date, we collect more than 2 billions datas every day and we are able to share with our users 150 fondamental variables about crypto-assets companies as well as financial datas (historical & current) from more than 40 crypto exchanges.


Our services are available through our Trading Terminal platform or a Rest & Fix APIs as well as Streaming canals for continuous data feeds. 

Drawing on the power of Artificial Intelligence, TokenData is a ground-breaking innovator in the creation of alternative datasets which are the ultimate source of power in today’s asset management.

Technical Info

Technology used

– Languages: React, Python, Scala, R, JavaScript;

– Libraries: NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Keras, Theano, Xgboost;

– Algggs: Regressions, Clusters, ARIMA, Boosting, Resolution Tree, Random Forest, Deep Learning

– Infrastructure: Django/Flask/Tornado, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Google Cloud, Hadoop, Spark, Kubernetes.

Graphical User Interface

In order to make user experience always pleasant, simple and intuitive, we chose to use the design standards adopted by the most advanced applications such as Uber and Airbnb. We hope that the user experience will be optimal thanks to these standards.

It is all the more important to think about the user experience (UX) that it allows inexperienced users to receive the best directions to the information sought.

We rely on JavaScript technology which will be the basic language of the web product team. NodeS will be used for the back end and ReactS (Facebook technology) for the front end. This stack has already proven its robustness. A dynamic community and ecosystem ensure the sustainability of the technical stack. 

APIs & Streaming Module

We must provide our users with a robust and secure API Rest & Fix to interface their tool or database to our technology, with the aim of making our offer scalable.

The API is currently compatible with the following libraries: R, Python and Excel.

Server architecture module

Our cloud architecture is fully evolving and distributed, and the test infrastructure is designed to process considerable volumes of data. It is fully managed and in charge of the provisioning, evolution and monitoring of the data in order to enable the user to concentrate on his business rather than on the management of the computing and storage infrastructure.

TokenData is the first platform that builds and executes professional investment decisions, relying on an awesome crypto-assets datalake. We produce raw datas for asset Managers : financial market datas, company datas as well as sentiments on social media, news & trends on the entire ecosystem of the crypto assets market. The TDA token is the first European security token powered by the newest Ethereum high standard security smart contract to offer its holders an unique quarterly share profit distribution. In addition, we set up an exclusive Top Holder program as well as a great bonus for STO investors. TokenData technology is built by a team of extraordinary data scientists and a unique partnership with the Artificial Intelligence research laboratory at the Columbia University.

Hasil gambar untuk TOKENDATA ico

TokenData Roadmap

Technology :

– First Data Set collected

– First econometric analysis

– First Trade Data collected

– First Core ICO Data collected

– Data structured processing

– Design GUI Interface

– Redesign Cloud Archictecture

– Team sourcing expansion 

Project :

– Creation of a platform

– FundRaising – Private / Public ICO

– Token Generation Event

– Strategy development plan

– Monopoly Market

– Team rewarded at turnover growth

– Token Listing on Top 5 exchange

– Structured training plan for 2019 sales team

– Governing council, member recruitment

– Enlargement to the traditional AI companies market

– Order & execution management

– Order management Interface

– Valuation Index supervised and unsupervised method

– Unvaluation Index

– Visualization and dashboard solution

– Development of local headquarters






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