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We began the idea of ​​launching the Tokeneo project in early 2018 when we began raising funds for the purpose of the Cryptoinvestia Open Electronic Fund. We have no option other than choosing to output at the same time adopt low risk and high potential assets. Currently, there are only a few projects that can provide investors with absolute promises of future peak exchange rates.

In order to protect the interests of individuals who need to allocate funds to us, we decided to build a trading floor where shareholders are involved in profit sharing by dividing a portion of the accumulated funds It was. It will be created.

Regardless of the current dominant trend of the money market, it is well known that the exchange market continues to boost revenue and revenue in the token market. Continuous increase. Looking at the disparity in the market, we decided to develop the Tokeneo platform which is an electronic money exchange that pays periodic dividends to investors who own the TEO code. Detailed description and main purpose of this project is in this document.

What is Tokeneo?

Tokeneo built a unique cryptographic trading platform where investors are considered as partners and therefore have their  word to say about how the ecosystem is expanding its share of success. The basic idea of ​​this project is that current market solutions are incomplete and essentially superficial, which means that there is a ready-to-use consumer base for the platform. Tokeneo is an excellent coding exchange that investors can own and have considerable power over the ongoing development of the project.

Tokeneo Community Based Electronic Transaction

Thanks to the success of the OIC, Tokeneo users will have the opportunity to freely trade more than 25 different markets with guaranteed liquidity. These selected markets will be high performing markets and will be updated based on current industry ideas and forecasts, including a focus on exciting and future technologies. great ability to receive and grow. Tokeneo is dedicated to supporting innovative projects with a long-term development plan and strategy, as well as a solid foundation.

Certain types of orders are available from the outset, including buying and selling on the market, buying and selling limits, profit taking and profit taking. The initial package will be enough for most investors to use the Tokeneo platform when it is launched. However, there are still more custom platform plans with more transaction options and also enhances the overall user experience.

Tokeneo will also launch a TokeneoCash grant for customers who wish to remain anonymous in their transactions. This exchange office will be available online and will support anonymous transactions at specific limits.

Tokeneo revenue sources

There are two main sources of income that Tokeneo investors should know, namely direct and indirect income. Direct sources of revenue will include the fees for all services provided by this exchange to their clients. These direct services include transaction fees, settlement fees, transaction fees and FIAT currency conversion fees. At the same time, external revenues will include transaction programs, buttons and mining activities, partnerships, paid advertising and other strategic partners.

Why choose Tokeneo?

90% of the total TEO code inspected by our investors

Frequent loyalty payments for each TEO holder with daily payments.

Guaranteed distribution 50-50 Income between owners and exchanges of TEO.

Periodic air drops from the community, powered by our external resources.


Tokeneo TEO Token & ICO Details

Based on the ERC20 protocol, the TEO code is sold in all stages of the ICO, in accordance with the principles of digital asset creation in the Etheruem ecosystem. The integrated hardtop of the card will be $ 100 million and no other chips will be issued after the fundraising period. When the ICO is complete, the investor is the only source of the TEO token. They can choose to sell or exchange their cards in the new Tokeneo Exchange.

ICO Settings

Token name and icon: Tokeneo (TOKEN)

Total Supply: 100,000,000 Tokens

Pre-stage ICO: 8 million chips

Primary ICO stage: 80 million chips

Amount of the reserve: 12 million tokens

Accepted Payments: Bitcoin, Stellar, Lisk, Etheruem, NEO, Waves

Softcap: $ 3 million

Hardcap: $ 100,000,000

Distribute the token

Bonus campaign for active Tokeneo users: 2%

Foundation before the OIC: 8%

Development team: 10%

Principal public ICO: 80%

Expenditure Details

Platform monitoring, security and code test: 3%

Liquidity reserve tokens: 15%

Announcements and acquisitions: 17%

R & D and additional business services: 18%

Recruit new employees: 21%

Maintaining the optimal liquidity of the chips: 26%




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