cryptocurrency exchange that pays dividends for each TEO token holder

Tokeneo  is a project built on blockchain technology, the project starts in early 2018. When creating a project, many problems and factors that affect the market and its development are taken into account and the project has low risk and high potential, which is important to protect users, create a platform to protect and increase profits to dominate the market. 

Tokeneo Platform 

is a cryptocurrency exchange that pays dividends for each TEO token holder. Trading platform where each user can participate in its development, influence it and achieve mutual success.
Tokeneo is a highly sophisticated exchange of crypto currencies whose community has 90% of Ethereum-based TEO tokens. Tokeneo investors are compensated with 50 percent of income, paid every day.


Tokeneo is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. This team issued Ethereum-based TEO tokens. As a member of the team claiming, the community will have 90% of tokens and investors will be compensated with 50% of the profits generated (daily payments). This platform should offer a minimum of 25 cryptocurrency markets. Tokeneo users will have access to three types of orders: market buy and sell orders, limit buy and sell orders, stop-loss orders and take-profits. The team also plans to launch TokeneoCash: a crypto currency exchange office for users who cannot go through the verification process.

What is the purpose of tokeneo?

Aiming to protect in the best possible way, the interests of individuals who want to entrust their capital to us, we decide to allocate a portion of the accumulated funds for the construction of a trading platform whose shareholders will participate in the distribution of profits generated by it. .


Tokeneo is a decentralized platform for exchanging crypto currencies. The Singer Team has released the TEO marker The Occurrence of Ethereum. According to team members, the community will have 90% of tokens, and investors will be paid 50% of the profits (daily payments). This platform must offer a minimum of 25 crypto currency markets. Tokeneo users will have access to all three types of orders: Market orders for review of purchases and sales, purchases and sales limits, stop-loss orders and AGRO from profits. The team will also launch TokeneoCash: an exchange office for user reviews that CANNOT process the verification process.

A model developed in which each user can gain power over projects developed and they will be attached to them for a long time not only for speculative purposes and operations. The decision to develop models that will bring profit and profitability, exchanges that seek to have dominance in the market are the main tasks of the platform, the desire to be more open and transparent to investors, the project launches its own sales company and leads a team of professionals working for development project.


Major changes are seen in the world of digital transformation through sharing information and how communication occurs. In the world of payments, the world of peer-to-peer loans, the world of remittances and the world of philanthropy, there must be an effort to digitize aspects of everyday life. Recently, blockchain is increasingly popular because of crypto-currency hype. In traction, our vision is to focus on developing an environment where the business will be friendly to the common good. Think of a world where unfavorable business meets profitable organizations and works towards common goals where everything is mutually beneficial and both are mutually beneficial.

Token Distribution:

ICO details 

The default token is  ERC20.

A token is a TOO symbol  .

Accepted currencies are  BTC, LSK, XLM, GELOMBANG, ETH and NEO.

The ICO will begin on September 24 and end on December 16, 2018.

Hard cap –  $ 3 million

Soft stamp  – $ 10 million

The number of tokens issued is    100,000,000. Of this amount:

  • For sale – 80 000 000
  • For the development team – 10,000,000
  • For partners and investors – 8 000 000
  • The bonus program is 2 000 000





for more information about Tokeneo visit this link.
btc name YosietoQingge
btc profil link;u=2303937

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