Crypto’s first currency exchange application in the market income distribution model.

Kế quẠ £ hà ?? ¡h Ạ£ nh cho tokeneo ICO REVIEW

Tokeneol is a project based on blockchain technology, the project starts in early 2018. When a project is created, many problems and factors that affect the market and its development are examined and designed. Low risk and high potential. It is important to protect users, create a platform to protect and increase profits to dominate the market. The Tokeneo platform is an electronic money exchange that pays dividends for each TEO token holder. Trading platform where each user can participate in its development, influence it, and achieve mutual success.


Tokeneo benefits

90% of all cards are controlled by investors. 
Cardholders regularly receive passive income from daily payments. 
Income distribution is guaranteed between income and exchange. 
For the community, the airways will be permanently insured.
Tokeneo’s main idea – is to create a platform for kriptovalyutnoy trading, which is open to all and where people can participate equally in development, influence its form and contribute fully. Enough with its success on the basis of cooperation, which so far is typical of the reality of large companies. Tokeneo intends to allocate a portion of the funds raised for the development of a trading plan where shareholders can participate in the distribution of profits generated by this platform. Investors will receive a total of 50% of sales.


Tokeneo is a decentralized platform for exchanging crypto currencies. The Singer Team has released the TEO marker The Occurrence of Ethereum. According to team members, the community will have 90% of tokens, and investors will be paid 50% of the profits (daily payments). This platform must offer a minimum of 25 crypto currency markets. Tokeneo users will have access to all three types of orders: Market orders for review of purchases and sales, purchases and sales limits, stop-loss orders and AGRO from profits. The team will also launch TokeneoCash: an exchange office for user reviews that CANNOT process the verification process.

From the launch of the Tokeneo platform, users will have access to a minimum of 25 market tickers with full liquidity guarantee. These markets are chosen in line with the current industry segment and will focus primarily on the most attractive technologies available, the greatest potential for their growth and adoption, but also to be calculated. expected income

The TEC token allows the owner to express his opinion and decide the direction of the development of exchanges in the voting process. Each participant can choose the first trading function made by a cash card, to deny the solution is considered wrong and decide which market will open in the future.

At present, Tokeneo is the first Crypto currency exchange application on the market that has proposed an income distribution model.

Token Distribution:

ICO details

The default token is ERC20.

A token is a TOO symbol.

Accepted currencies are BTC, LSK, XLM, GELOMBANG, ETH and NEO.

The ICO will begin on September 24 and end on December 16, 2018.

Hat: $ 3 million

Hat: $ 10 million

The number of tokens issued is 100,000,000.

Sale: 80 000 000 
For the development team: 10,000,000 
For partners and investors: 8 000 000 
The bonus program is 2 000 000





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