Tokenmom: building a decentralized electronic money exchange

advancement group (TM) understood that the most ideal approach to make a decent electronic cash stage is to make a multi-utilitarian stage with utilities. TokenMom is a fantasy to be figured it out. is a decentralized exchanging stage, a decentralized online business webpage, an OTC stage, a virtual Masternode, and a multi-stage e-wallet. These five diverse plans of action depend on the Blockchain Ethereum. This conveys accommodation to TokenMom, not at all like most other electronic cash stages.

Accordingly, we have a stage that gives clients numerous approaches to profit. On the off chance that you are a broker, you can utilize OTC stages and decentralized trades to exchange electronic cash together to make a benefit. In the event that you simply need to anchor internet business, the decentralized web based business site will secure your cash and individual data while giving less expensive exchange costs. In the event that you are an excavator or potential administrator, you can choose to run a full masternode of Tokenmom or you can utilize virtual masternode if there are any equipment or web association confinements from your area. companion. When all is said in done, TokenMom is a really reasonable and less unstable biological system because of the utility given by five plans of action.

Highlights of Decentralize

  1. exchanging stage : A decentralized trade will be one of the center parts of the TokenMom environment. As of late, there have been expanding difficulties for built up electronic cash exchanges because of expanded direction, security issues, and request handling speed settled by TokenMom.
  2. Virtual Masternode : One of the most ideal approaches to produce great pay in the electronic cash industry is to put resources into making or misusing. This normally includes running a hub or a masternode to give agreement to the blockchain.
  3. Decentralized web based business site : They likewise want to dispatch a decentralized online business site paid with TokenMom. This will give a coin utility while furnishing clients with a hazard free approach to buy on the web. Online business organizations are the greatest focus of programmers and fraudsters since installment frameworks are helpless against assault.
  4. OTC stage : Since various leveled trades give a stage where people can trade through blockchain, there is a requirement for a stage that gives chances to clients to trade among fiat and advanced cash. . Any incorporated trade will have straightforwardness issues.
  5. E-wallet : The last administration that will be given by Datp is an electronic wallet that gives crossplatform usefulness. Engineers need to guarantee that clients can guard their advanced cash by giving secure e-wallets. benefit right now possesses the most trend setting innovation that enables you to exchange and purchase a wide range of electronic cash on an expert exchanging stage. On the off chance that you possess an electronic money and are searching for a respectable accomplice to exchange, we will encourage you.

Token ERC exchanging

floor 20 – TokenMom exchanging floor is a decentralized electronic cash exchanging stage, supporting clients to purchase and move ICO tokens on Ethereum stage. Client properties are put away by savvy contracts, they can alternatively stack/pull back or exchange. Token exchanging stage just backings token or coin on ERC20 stage …

Highlights of exchanging floor

TokenMom’s exchanging stage gives full usefulness to help merchants effortlessly use and exchange, encouraging to pull in more clients.

Use Trading

use Trading influence helps increment exchanging capacity for edge account holders, a compelling method to diminish stop misfortune requests and increment the quantity of exchanges.

**Request Sharing **

The TokenMom electronic exchanging stage permits mapping custom requests and expanding liquidity.

Client Referral Program

Clients will get a commission charge while alluding different individuals to join the floor.

Exchanging orders

Exchanging coordinating instruments help coordinate 150,000 requests for every second and diverse kinds of exchanges.

Multi-Currency Wallet (Multicurrency Wallet)

Trade stage created by Exchange Script incorporates multi-money wallet to store numerous electronic monetary standards.

Portable help

Build up a portable exchanging stage (Android and iOS working frameworks) to enable clients to exchange on the telephone whenever, anyplace.

Coordination of installment passage

Clients can pull back and revive electronic installment by means of installment passage in a wide range of strategies.

Coordination of API

Exchanges on the floor are anchored totally by coordinating the affirmation of mail and SMS administrations.

Multi-dialect bolster

When building up an exchanging floor, TokenMom resolves to help famous dialects ​​as required by clients, for example, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, England, …


framework for cutting edge purchasing/moving frameworks with installment choices and snappy purchase/move orders for driving electronic monetary forms.

Spare time and expenses

Electronic cash exchanging on the floor will turn out to be quicker with minimal effort or zero expense.

Protected and dependable

The exchanging stage put away on the circulated framework maintains a strategic distance from over-burden if the server is broken.

Confirmation of two components (2FA) exchanging floor with high security by means of two-factor verification framework, averting awful assaults to client accounts.

Keen contract

Electronic cash is traded among purchasers and venders through savvy and secure contracts.

Security framework

Secure wallet : Coin or token will be put away in electronic wallet securely and safely with private key framework and open key.

Two-factor validation (2FA): Two-factor verification (otherwise called 2FA) is a technique for affirming a client’s character utilizing two unique components: private key and QR scanner …

Standards procedure of creating electronic cash exchanging floor TokenMom

exchanging stage on portable : Mobile application is a crucial part to exchange floor. With applications on IOS and Android working frameworks, clients will have the capacity to exchange helpfully whenever, anyplace.

Creating portable exchanging floors requires the improvement group to have the capacity to program proficient versatile applications and profound comprehension of electronic cash and the vital highlights of an exchanging floor. With a group of experienced software engineers, TokenMom is focused on bringing clients a versatile form exchanging floor with the accompanying points of interest:

Great client encounter Full of highlights helps brokers effortlessly control and place orders , purchase/move … Coordinate with wallet framework High security ability Update advertise data Direct value cautioning framework


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