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Good night loyal customers of are waiting for the warmly discussed ICO information and are able to reap tremendous investment profits. In recent times the world of cryptocurrency provides a positive trend with proven rising prices of tokens and coins in circulation. For all coins to increase such as BTC, ETH, WAVES, and others. For tokens that have increased, of course based on the portfolio of companies that mengken such tokens, then how to travel the realization of the roadmap that is already prepared.

Talking about the company’s portfolio and the mission it carries, here is a company that is holding ICO by carrying three types of tokens at the same time focusing on different service objects. His name is TokenStar. Already we know together that TokenStar has successfully held ICO for its first token of ACE tokens. This time they held ICO for both tokens of TEAM tokens, of course, with several different service offerings of the subject of the culprit.

TokenStars is the first celebrity management platform in blockchain. They build an ecosystem that will provide celebrities, fans and advertisers with advanced tools and incentives for deeper interactions and engagements. The platform they create consists of 12 integrated modules that allow participants to connect in new ways. Designed as a toolkit, this platform allows to combine different modules to achieve the required features and capabilities. Based on its function, the module consists of 4 different layers:

  1. Crowdfunding lining, allowing talents and celebrities to promise to raise funds.
  2. Layers of infrastructure, providing functional tools (such as voting and scouting) for major platform activities.
  3. Community lover fans, allowing celebrities to grow their social capital by expanding their loyal fan base and offering fans their desired engagement by communicating and participating in activities with their favorite stars.
  4. Layers of advertising, delivering intelligent & transparent data and engaging viewers to brands for more efficient ad campaigns (by enabling smart ad contracts and exclusive merchandise sales).

tengah.pngTokenStar offers at least 3 solutions as a troubleshooter:

  1. Talent and Pros
    We know a lot of talented young athletes but do not get financial support until finally they have to bury his dream to become professional athletes deeply. TokenStar provides financial support to them so they do not get out of the sports and entertainment industry professionals.
    For those who are already professional athletes, TokenStar channeled them to advertisers to use their services to advertise advertiser products. this could be support and provide additional income for athletes who in fact also as a celebrity in the world of sports.
  2. Fans want a much closer interaction with celebrities and greater influence on clubs and sports players. We give our fans an exclusive range of choices and products that enable them to participate, analyze, criticize, deconstruct, fantasize and connect with their favorite athletes and media personalities.
    Token Implementation: By participating in this interaction fans earn and spend TEAM tokens, increasing demand and turnover tokens.
  3. Advertisers. Brands are looking for a combination of transparent ad formats, and also for more engaged audiences. TokenStars offers brands the opportunity to access highly engaged fan enthusiasts and improve campaign efficiency by implementing ad smart contracts.
    Token implementation: promotional support and services will be paid in tokens (entirely or part of the TokenStars commission), so the higher the number of ad campaigns – the more tokens demanded in the market.

A smart and innovative combination of innovative and distinctive services makes TokenStar a passion for investors proven by the successful sale of the ACE TokenStar a few months ago. This time ICO for TEAM token is in progress which means this token can later be used for services with sports team-shaped athlete subjects and also entertainment world such as movies and music.

belakang.pngWhat about the ICO details they are currently carrying out? Let’s discuss below.

Token Name: TEAM
Based on: Ethereum
Standard: ERC-20
Token price: 0.0001 BTC
Payment methods: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), ACE Tokens (ACE)
Softcap: 1 million USD
Hardcap: 15 million USD
Sales period: December 20, 2017 – February 28, 2018

That’s enough explanation of ICO TokenStar information from me. If you are interested to invest and need to find more information please visit the link I share below. Thank you for visiting.

Mission of this project 

Talent Support Module

Fans support future stars by buying tokens. A rising star receives money to train, improve the skills. When successful, the star pays the platform commission from the sponsorship deals and prize money. Commission is paid in tokens, which are bought on the market.
During the growth period (which is 4 years in tennis, 0 in poker) the fans can redeem tokens for various services, provided by the rising stars.
Fans support 14-year old ‘Maria Sharapova’, she wins Wimbledon at 17. The platform receives 30% commission, paid in tokens.

Star ICO Module: tokenizing time

The star conducts his personal ICO, gets upfront payment for various exclusive communications with the fans (locker-room tour, dinners, chats, merchandize).
Some offers are sold at auctions. Offers like video chats have unlimited number of participants. Celebrity time is a precious and limited resource. Which is a fundamental growth factor.
‘An Olympic champion’ presells 50 hours of his communications with the fans, who redeem tokens on 1 on 1 training with the star, VIP dinner, a video chat and other exclusive offers

Star ICO Module:  tokenizing income

At a stage II after tokenizing time, TokenStars platform will help stars tokenize their income. A rising star might sign a binding agreement which grants certain percentage of future personal incomes in return for upfront payment.
This will most likely make the token a security token. So, the proper registration and legal framework will need to be implemented before launching this module.
‘Hollywood star’ is penniless after the divorce and rehab. He tokenizes 20% of his future incomes in return for fans’ support today. He makes a hit movie, pays out 20% in tokens.

About bounty campaign

The Tokenstarts team are launching a bounty campaign by the bitcointalk bounty manager colorlessk to promote their project world wide.
Details about rewards about bounty campaign :
TokenStars TEAM bounty program is designed to put the word out about our values, goals and progress. you can earn some token by join their bounty campaign and do some simlpe task to attract people to the ico .The bounty program participants are rewarded according to their activity and the rules of a campaign they choose.

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