TokenStars Team ICO FIRST PLATFORM FOR HOLIDAYS MANAGEMENT ON BLOCKCHAIN.TokenStars links the growing talents and successful PROs in sports and entertainment with fans and advertisers.
The main plan of TokenStars is to provide the interaction between stars, fans and advertisers at the substitution level.
 Stars: skills and professionals. In the age of association, when skilled career development is highly dependent on the ability to attract public capital and access to sources of funding, the stars need additional ways that encourage viewers and sponsors.
 Fans. The balance of celebrities, fans and the media has changed dramatically. Fans do not just look. In real time, they participate, analyze, criticize, fantasize and connect with their favorite stars. Fans want innovation that will provide opportunities for interaction and two-way communication with celebrities.
 Advertisers. Brands are asking for new channels of promotion with an extremely attractive audience and require clear and customizable tools for advertising campaigns.
Star ICO module: income tokensing
In phase II, after the Tokenization of time, the TokenStars platform will help the stars to label their income. A rising star can sign a binding agreement that provides a certain percentage of future personal income in exchange for a down payment.
This is most likely to make the token a security token. Thus, before starting this module, it will be necessary to create a proper registration and legal basis.
“Hollywood Star” is childless after divorce and recovery. He symbolizes 20% of his future income. He makes a hit film, pays 20% in tokens.
Fans support future stars by buying tokens. The rising star money for training, improves his skills. In case of success, the pays for the sponsor. The commission is paid in tokens.
During the growth period (which is 4 years in tennis, 0 in poker), fans can redeem tokens for various services provided by rising stars.
Fans support the 14-year-old “Maria Sharapova”, she wins Wimbledon in 17 years. The platform receives 30% of commissions paid in tokens.
Star ICO module: tokenization time
The main conduct of his personal ICO, receiving an advance payment for various exclusive connections with the fans (tour in the locker room, dinners, chats, trades).
Some offers are sold at auctions. Such offers, like video chats, have an unlimited number of participants. Celebrity time is a precious and limited resource. This is a fundamental growth factor.
“Olympic champion” teaches 50 hours of his messages with fans who buy tokens from 1 to 1 training with a star, VIP dinner, video chat and other exclusive offers.

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