TokenStars is the first celebrity management platform on blockchain. They build the ecosystem that will provide celebrities, fans and advertisers with advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction and engagement. This platform consists of 12 integrated modules that allow participants to connect in a new way. Designed as a toolkit, the platform allows to combine different modules to achieve the required features and capabilities. Based on their functionality, the modules are part of 4 different layers:

  1. Crowdfunding layer, enabling promising talents and celebrities to raise funds.
  2. Infrastructure layer, providing functional tools (like voting and scouting) for key platform activities.
  3. Fans Community layer, allowing the celebrities to grow their social capital by expanding their loyal fan bases and offering the fans the desired involvement by communicating and participating activities with their favorite stars.
  4. Advertising layer, delivering smart & transparent data and engaged audience to brands for more efficient advertising campaigns (by enabling advertising smart contracts and exclusive merchandise sales).

Actual Situation

  • Young talents need financial support
  • Established players need help with advertising sales
  • Fans desire much closer interaction with celebrities and more influence over sports clubs and players
  • Brands seek for combination of transparent advertising formats, as well as for more engaged audiences


TokenStars receives advertising commissions (15-30%, both from pros and talents) and fees from supported talents‟ future income (5-70%, depending on the industry), that must be paid in TokenStars tokens. So, the brands and supported talents will buy tokens in the market from token holders to pay for their services.

They provide fans communities with a wide range of exclusive options and products that allow them to participate, analyze, critique, deconstruct, fantasize and connect with their favorite athletes and media personalities. By participating in these interactions fans earn and spend TEAM tokens, increasing the demand and the turnover of tokens.TokenStars offers brands an opportunity to access highly involved fan audience and increase the efficiency of campaigns by implementing advertising smart contracts. They have chosen blockchain as underlying technology of the platform to allow  to build transparent and verifiable system for all platform participants, especially for fans, advertisers, talent scouts, as well as regular token holders.

Token sale

For every 60 tokens sold (Token Sale), 2. 20 additional tokens will be created and retained for the team, partners and advisors (Team & Advisors), 3. and 20 additional tokens will be created and retained for the Network Growth (Community & Growth). Token price is 0.0001 BTC. Payment methods: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), ACE Tokens (ACE).

TEAM ecosystem combines different sports & entertainment verticals (except tennis, which is covered by ACE token). On the first stage they will concentrate on:

  • Stage 1: football, poker, eSports and hockey,
  • Stage 2: later they will add basketball, movies and music verticals to the TEAM portfolio.

This list may be expanded with other sports and entertainment businesses (baseball, cricket, table tennis, golf). The approach of having one token for many verticals grants TokenStars with flexibility in discovering new opportunities and reallocating resources to the most efficient lines of business, It will also provide lots of synergies in operations, such as sharing advertising resources or simplifying the back-office processes (such as legal and accounting).

Token Allocation

TEAM tokens (Ethereum ERC-20 standard compatible utility tokens) facilitate the engagement between participants on the platform and serve as a form of access to the platform and its internal currency.

There are 3 ways, how participants may acquire TEAM tokens:

  1.  Join the crowdsale.
  2.  Buy tokens later in the crypto exchanges.
  3.  Earn tokens within the platform for committing actions and accomplishing the tasks.

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