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Tokenstars performs his personal ICO, gets prepayments for exclusive communications with fans (tour locker rooms, dinners, chats, merchandise).
Some offers are sold at auction. Offers like video chat have an unlimited number of participants. Celebrity time is a valuable and limited resource. Which is a fundamental growth factor.
‘Olympic champion’ presents 50 hours of communication with fans, who exchange tokens on 1 on 1 star training, VIP dinner, video chat and other exclusive offers.
The core idea behind TokenStars is to bring the interaction between stars, fans and advertisers to a whole new level and solve industry issues of celebrity management.
Token Stars is the first company to perpetuate athletes, helping them grow their careers, while giving investors a piece of cake that can be a very good cake. Let’s say an investor contributes to Token Stars and can get many different players, and all but one fails, but that is Serena Williams next. You may see a thoughtful 6-7 draw depending on how much you contributed.
Mission of this project:
Talent Support Module

Fans support future stars by shopping token. The rising star receives cash for the coach, improves his ability. After the crown three times, the star pays the platform commission of the support and awards deal. Commissions are paid in tokens, the size of the squares purchased on the market.
During the amount of expansion (which is four years in grass tennis, zero in poker) the fans will redeem tokens for various services, which are given by the rising stars.
Fans support 14 ‘Maria Sharapova’ recently, she won suburbia at the age of seventeen. The platform receives a half-hour commission, paying tokens.
tokenStars solves four major issues of market participants:
1. Talent (the star of the future) . Tokenstars provide financial support to young talents at critical ages, so they do not drop out of the sports and entertainment industry professionals. They will also help them to attract audiences and accumulate social capital since the beginning of collaboration, starting professional careers with adequate disabilities (compared to their counterparts).
2. Sports sports & entertainment stars . Tokenstars offers marketing representatives and promotions to established athletes and media athletes who have attracted sponsors but are ignored by traditional agencies.
3. Fans . Fans want a much closer interaction with star celebrities and more influence over their favorite clubs. Tokenstars gives fans the opportunity for people to communicate in real time, choose future stars and engage in celebrity activities.
4. Advertisers . Brands are looking for a combination of transparent ad formats, and also for more engaged audiences. TokenStars offers brands an opportunity to access the 12 enthusiastic fans involved and improve campaign efficiency by implementing ad smart contracts.
TEAM tokens will serve as:
1. Access form to TokenStars platform feature, which verifies the right token holder to participate in activities undertaken within the ecosystem.
2. Internal currency – tokens will be used as a form of settlement in transactions made within the platform. This will also allow us to avoid the usual difficulties with fiat currencies such as low payment rules and cross border regulations.
For every 60 tokens sold 20 additional tokens will be created and maintained for teams, partners and advisors, and 20 additional tokens will be created and maintained for Network Growth. The maximum number of TEAM tokens is 75,000,000. The difference between the maximum number of tokens created and the actual number of tokens distributed will not be generated.

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