Tokenstars Platform; Rare Opportunity For Upcoming Talents

There have been several changes in the business and financial facets of the world recently. These changes are engineered by the new technology, which keeps record of all the business activities that take place on its platform, thereby allowing verifiability, fairness and confidence in the transaction. Though, not many people believe in the capability of block chain inspiring such innovative trend from the beginning. However, the achievements of the technology in present time have convinced every one of its enormous advantages to the entertainment orb.
Today, TokenStars emerges as the first celebrity management platform on bock chain and has the sole intention of connecting rising talents and successful PROs in sports and entertainment with fans and advertisers. The platform aims to; raise a community of celebrities, fans and advertisers; provide advanced tools and motivations for deeper interrelation and commitment; and open doors of greater opportunities for its members. With these, young and prospective talents can easily raise funds and cater for the financial demand of their chosen career and attain professional status in sports and entertainment industries. Also, the platform will provide chance for representation and marketing upgrade for pro-athletes and media personalities who are ready for sponsors but are ignored by traditional agencies. The fan communities will have range of preferential choices and products that will allow them to take part, analyze, criticize and connect with their favourite athletes and media personalities. Advertisers will be able to contact the highly involved fans and increase the adequacy of campaigns.
To actualize these aims, the platform (TokenStars) has 12 modules, which are divided into four different layers according to functions. These modules are designed as a toolkit to allow the participants on the platform to interact in a new way. The layers of the modules are:
Crowd funding layer: this layer allows prospective talents and celebrities to raise funds
Infrastructure layer: this provides the participants with functional tools to take part in the important activities of the platform like voting and scouting.
Fans community layer: this allows the celebrities to increase their fan bases, offer the fans the opportunities to interrelate with their favourite celebrities and participate in different activities with them.
Advertising layer: this layer allows the audience to sign for more efficient promotion campaigns.
For transparency and verifiability of business activities, the TokenStars platform adopts two bases of interactive block chains, which are; ethereum block chain, which will be for token related activities; and private block chain, which will be for all the activities within the community. Alteration of contents of transaction will not be possible because each business activity will be recorded on the block chain by the system and not by humans. The community will also develop its own crypto currency, which will be used by its members for every business activity within the community.
The TokenStars project is an establishment of fascinating team, who has pulled together exceptional sports and entertainment experts to join the product advisory board and provide connections for the promising talents within the global S&E industry. Under the brand name “TokenStars Team”, the platform instituted their first module in December 2017 and commanded the Crypto Xmas Charity Auction in which many world renowned stars donated their personal items with autographs.
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