TokenStars ​- ​t​he ​f​irst ​​blockchain ​​company ​t​o ​t​okenize ​​celebrities

ACE TokenStars — blockchain-based celebrity management platform that applies decentralized scouting and community voting to ensure transparent engagement for millions of users: celebrities + fans + brands & advertisers.  TokenStars ​i​s ​t​he ​f​irst ​​blockchain ​​company ​t​o ​t​okenize ​​celebrities. ​I​t ​​aims ​t​o ​​disrupt the ​​huge ​​$25 ​​billion ​t​alent ​​management ​i​ndustry ​​by ​​decentralizing ​i​t ​​and ​​providing funding ​​and ​​promotion ​r​esources ​t​o ​r​ising ​​stars. ​​Starting ​​with ​i​ssuing ​​ACE ​t​okens ​f​or the ​t​ennis ​​vertical, ​t​he ​​company ​​plans ​t​o ​​expand ​i​nto ​​new ​​verticals ​i​n ​​2017, including ​f​ootball ​(​GOAL ​t​okens), ​​poker ​(​CHIP), ​​and ​​cybersports. Young ​(​potential) ​​celebrities ​​need ​f​unding ​​and ​​provide ​​share ​​of ​t​heir ​i​ncome ​i​n return. ​​Already ​​successful ​​professionals ​​need ​​more ​​advertising ​​contracts ​i​n ​r​eturn for ​​agency ​​commission.

Team token

They create TEAM tokens (Ethereum ERC20 standard compatible utility tokens) to facilitate the engagement between different participants on the platform. TEAM tokens will serve as:

1. Form of access to TokenStars platform features, that verifies the token holder’s rights to participate in the activities, conducted within the ecosystem.

2. Internal currency – tokens will be used as a form of settlement in the transactions conducted within the platform. This will also allow us to avoid usual difficulties with fiat currencies such as low speed and trans-border payments related regulations.

There are 3 ways, how platform participants may acquire TEAM tokens:

1. Join the crowdsale (total supply will be limited by the number of tokens, created at the crowdsale).

2. Buy tokens in the crypto exchanges.

3. Earn tokens within the platform for committing actions and accomplishing the tasks.


Solving market problems

TokenStars solves 4 major problems of market participants:

1. Talents (future stars). They provide financial support to young talents at the critical junior age, so they don’t drop out of professional sports and entertainment industries. They also help them to attract audience and accumulate social capital from the beginning of collaboration, to start professional career with a sufficient handicap (in comparison to their peers).

2. Pros (active sports & entertainment stars). They offer representation and marketing promotion to the established pro-athletes and media personalities, that are already attractive for sponsors but were overlooked by traditional agencies.

3. Fans desire much closer interaction with stars celebrities and more influence over their favorite clubs. They provide fans communities with opportunities to communicate in real time, choose future stars and become involved in the celebrity activities.

4. Advertisers. Brands seek for combination of transparent advertising formats, as well as for more engaged audiences. TokenStars offers brands an opportunity to access highly 12 involved fan audience and increase the efficiency of campaigns by implementing advertising smart contracts.

Platform and Technology

TokenStars platform is built of 12 integrated modules that allow us to implement all activities of the project. The modules are divided into four distinct layers:

  1. Crowdfunding layer;
  2. Infrastructure layer;
  3. Fans Community layer;
  4. Brands and Advertising layer.

TokenStars platform is designed as a toolkit, allowing to combine different modules to achieve the required capabilities and to encourage the interaction between the celebrities, fans (as well as regular token holders), advertisers, professional talent scouts and promoters. The detailed description of the modules’ functions and architecture can be found below in this section of White Paper.

Financial Projections

TEAM ecosystem combines different sports & entertainment verticals (except tennis, which is covered by ACE token). On the first stage they will concentrate on:

  • Stage 1: football, poker, eSports and hockey,
  • Stage 2: later they will add basketball, movies and music verticals to the TEAM portfolio.

This list may be expanded with other sports and entertainment businesses (baseball, cricket, table tennis, golf). The approach of having one token for many verticals grants TokenStars with flexibility in discovering new opportunities and reallocating resources to the most efficient lines of business, It will also provide lots of synergies in operations, such as sharing advertising resources or simplifying the back-office processes (such as legal and accounting).

Football legend Lothar Matthäus one of the 10 Ambassadors in TokenStars ICO.Lothar Matthäus FIFA World Cup champion (1990). UEFA European champion (1980). 7-time winner of German Bundesliga and 3-time winner of German Cup. Champion of Italian Serie A championship. 2-time winner of UEFA Cup (1991, 1996). Awarded the Golden Ball (1990) and FIFA World Player of the Year (1991). Played for Bayern, Borussia (M), Inter Milan and German national team.
Click this link to know the other Ambassadors who also part of the TokenStars Team ICO.

TokenStars platform have 12 modules for the community and CHARITY Click this link for TokenStars Charity if how it works.

TokenStars ICO is already LIVE. Token Sale started +40% Bonus till 10 January, 12:00pm PDT and have additional 5% bunos those investors who participate 1Bitcoin and above.

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