Tokenstars – the first celebrity management platform on blockchain

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TokenStars is the first blockchain company to tokenize massive celebrities. It aims to provide funding and promotion resources to rising stars by disrupting and decentralising the talent management industry. Starting with issuing ACE tokens for the tennis vertical, the company plans to expand with new verticals, including football, poker, basketball, hockey, cinema actors, musicians, and models.

Token Stars is the first company to tokenize athletes, help them to grow their careers, while giving investors a piece of what could be a huge pie. Lets say a investor contributed to Token Stars and was able to get a piece of many different players, and all but one failed, but that one was the next Serena Williams. You might see returns of 6-7 figured depending upon how much you contributed.


TokenStars solves 4 major problems of market participants:

1. Talents (future stars). Tokenstars provides financial support to young talents at the critical junior age, so they don’t drop out of professional sports and entertainment industries. They will also help them to attract audience and accumulate social capital from the beginning of collaboration, to start professional career with a sufficient handicap (in comparison to their peers).

2. Pros (active sports & entertainment stars). Tokenstars offers representation and marketing promotion to the established pro-athletes and media personalities, that are already attractive for sponsors but were overlooked by traditional agencies.

3. Fans. Fans desire much closer interaction with stars celebrities and more influence over their favorite clubs. Tokenstars provides fans communities with opportunities to communicate in real time, choose future stars and become involved in the celebrity activities.

4. Advertisers. Brands seek for combination of transparent advertising formats, as well as for more engaged audiences. TokenStars offers brands an opportunity to access highly 12 involved fan audience and increase the efficiency of campaigns by implementing advertising smart contracts.

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Currently you have a chance to participate in the Tokenstars crowd sale and obtain TEAM tokens. These TEAM tokens are created in order to facilitate the engagement between different participants on the platform.

TEAM tokens will serve as:
1. Form of access to TokenStars platform features, that verifies the token holder’s rights to participate in the activities, conducted within the ecosystem.
2. Internal currency – tokens will be used as a form of settlement in the transactions conducted within the platform. This will also allow us to avoid usual difficulties with fiat currencies such as low speed and trans-border payments related regulations.

For every 60 tokens sold 20 additional tokens will be created and retained for the team, partners and advisors, and 20 additional tokens will be created and retained for the Network Growth. Total maximum number of TEAM tokens is 75,000,000. The difference between the maximum possible number of created tokens and actually distributed number of tokens will not be created.

Make sure you participate in Tokenstars ICO, please look for more information in the following links.;u=1544182


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