The segment of the crypto currency needs investment – today the industry is developing very rapidly. Many people are trying to find the optimal platform, which allows to store the quality of the crypto currency. TokenUnion is a decentralized project that rewards customers for choosing this resource. The developers are sure that the presence of rewards is an excellent opportunity to attract customers. They will be interested in using such a safe and quality decentralized platform on the blockroom. Intellectual contracts are a guarantee of the exact fulfillment of all transaction conditions.

TokenUnion Project Features

It is worth highlighting the main advantages:

Keeping money can be useful. It’s enough just to set up the repository with your own preferences in order to count on making a profit. In the future, no adjustments will be required – the funds will be extremely stable and safe;

The ability to store any tokens (in this case, the reward is charged in the shaft, which is stored inside the TokenUnion platform). This is an excellent opportunity to receive a decent reward for using the capacities of the TokenUnion resource.

Withdrawal Fees
Innovative TokenUnion model center, TVT, is a withdrawal fee. This is a fixed amount expressed in the UNI, the original token, specified at the time of token sent to the TokenUnion storage contract. Commission is equal to 5% in nominal value of UNI at current market rate of token value stored in Ether. So if someone sends a 1000 Ether token to a storage contract, the Commission will 50 Ether to the UNI in accordance with the last market value.

When receiving a gift, the same formula (5% in the UNI) applies to all incoming prizes, and the amount received is added to the withdrawal fee. Specified when the token is sent to the storage contract, and changed only in the case of receiving the prize, the Commission will be paid upon withdrawal.

The Commission is stipulated in the UNI (ie 10,000 UNI) and can only be subject to the dynamics of one variable: market level.
Partial withdrawal will not be possible in the near future, as this function can reduce the incentive for long-term storage. However, the team will still have the right to investigate the subsequent implementation of a more complex drawing algorithm that will allow dynamic calculations and phased withdrawal by step.

About Tokens
UNI is a subsidiary of the token used for payment of fees for the TokenUnion withdrawal network. Given the relationship between UNI’s utility and market forces, it is likely that demand for UNI will increase as a result of rapid market developments. UNI does not grant the holder any right to any income or remuneration. The only way to use it is to pay a withdrawal fee.

Gift distribution
Whenever a fee is paid, 100% of the amount collected is distributed among users through tokens deposited in the contract storage on the TokenUnion network; The TokenUnion Association does not pass part of the fee for withdrawal. TNV represents the total, expressed in Ether, the value of all tokens in the TokenUnion network. Prizes are issued in accordance with the percentage of TNV, which is the savings of individual users.


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