Tokoin is a platform that establishes the business identity and reputation of MSMEs as an acceptable assessment of credibility for suppliers and financial institutions.

Tokoin aims to: -Build a digital business identity for MSMEs, which is a business-data reputation that monetizes their data.

Create digital ledgers for data records that are real-time transactions and make money from their data.

Develop opportunities by reducing transaction costs, increasing purchasing power, and providing access to business partnerships – Reducing financial inclusion barriers.


To build a project, of course we need to understand the problem. Indonesia’s economic development is the biggest way to help MSMEs. We focus on Economic Inclusion, not education, or financial assistance, but on the Economic side. What is meant by economic inclusion is that it can more easily access various financial support, but also P2P cooperatives or loans.

The number of MSMEs is a problem that they do not have because they do not have proof of business credibility. All MSMEs in Indonesia cannot develop unless they can be supported by large Financial Funding. We help MSMEs to grow their business. The point is we want to help them increase the number of loans, and this is the main problem we see.

one of the example is:

In the coffee shop business, the business capital needed will include:

With the illustration above, shopping lists and months are not always the same. Because the list of needs will be adjusted to the food supply.

How do you start a business solution, so here we are a Business Solutions Platform that focuses on the problems faced by MSMEs. The MSME we mean here is a small scale business whose income does not reach or under 10,000 USD / year.

Team Tokoin understands this very well and develops their platform for MSMEs to create verifiable digital identities, they are partners with organizations that support this effort and are willing to give users access to their services. Gathering support from several big names in Indonesia, the stage is being prepared!

1. Government Partnership in Indonesia

2. Partnership with Ralali – The largest B2B market for MSMEs

3. Partnership with Pasarpolis – The Leading InsurTech Company in Indonesia

4. Partnership with MSME Friends – Indonesian non-profit organization that supports MSMEs

About Pasarpolis

Established in 2015, Market is a leading technology company in Southeast Asia and has three Unicorns in Indonesia, Go-Jek, Tokopedia and Traveloka which serve to enable consumers to be protected. Offering B2B strategic insurance products that are made specifically through partnerships and directly to consumers. Products go beyond traditional insurance to meet consumer needs in various technological ecosystems. Use advanced technology to redefine insurance.

Tokoin and Pasarpolis

MSMEs do not have access to insurance, which is very important for their stability and growth. Partnering in February 2019, Tokoin and Pasarpolis intend to close this gap. MSMEs that use the Tokoin platform will have valid digital identities, create their own unique digital ledgers, build their credit scores, enhance their reputation and be accepted by all stakeholders. Using this information, Pasarpolis, our Insur Tech partner will be able to provide customized insurance products for MSMEs on the Tokoin platform, assisting their development and enabling them to be included economically.

About UMKM Friends

The UMKM friends, translated as’ UMKM friends are communities that unite MSMEs and Entrepreneurship Professionals. With the principle of positive communication and reciprocal development, UMKM friends provide information and interaction for others, share their thoughts, share experiences in building their business and develop networks / connections.

Tokoin and friends of UMKM

Friend UMKM is a non-profit organization that currently supports +3000 MSMEs in developing their business throughout Indonesia. Along with government support, they aim to help members in this competitive environment through guidance, forums and events. This platform gives MSME access to business professionals and other MSME meetings to contribute, exchange information, convey ideas, knowledge and experience in developing their business. UMKM friends also aim to improve the digital literacy of MSMEs and their partnership with Tokoin in February 2019 is a step in that direction. Not only will people be given access to the Tokoin ecosystem and vice versa, but they will also be given business training to help their economic growth

Why is this partnership specifically for Indonesia?

The launch in Indonesia will build Tokoin’s success in regional and global partnerships, for future expansion. Having an experienced local team is undoubtedly giving Tokoin leverage when talking to established companies in Indonesia.

This will increase their customer base as a result of the Tokoin connection network connection. If you are interested in partnering with Tokoin, please email us at


1. Ticker: TOCO

2. Platform: Ethereum

3. Type of Token: ERC-20

4. Total Token Supply: 2,000,000,000 SHOP,

5. Sales Tokens: 700,000,000, STORES

(35% of the Token Supply),

6. Hard Cap: $ 25,000,000

7. Soft Cap: $ 8,000,000


Q4 2018
TOKOIN Token in the Personal Sales STORE and
Development and distribution of Pre-sale Wallets

Q1 2019
Grand Launching STORE

Q2 2019
Advisor onboard the Blockchain for
Launch of the POC Shop ecosystem at TestNet

Q3 2019
Onboard warehousing partnerships with the SHOP ecosystem
Onboard partnerships for the SHOP ecosystem
Expand local operations to 10 level 1 cities in Indonesia

Q4 2019
Launches the Data Reputation engine.
Launch the Data Visualization platform.
Launch it
Onboard Partner Suite platform, 50,000 users in the TOKOIN ecosystem

Q1 2020
Launch dApps on MainNet,
Launch the Data Exchange platform for token stacking and loyalty programs.
Expand local operations to all capital cities in Indonesia.
Register 10,000 users in the POS STORE system

Q2 2020
Hyper-local pilot operation to Thailand Users
in the hyper-local market region
Develop AI Solutions for SHOPs to improve Operations

Q3 2020
Expand hyper-local operations to Vietnam and Philippines
Onboard, 500,000 users for SHOP
Expand local operations to the top 10 cities in Indonesia.
Onboard, 50,000 users are in the TOKOIN ecosystem

Q4 2020
Deploy AI as part of
Estimates & Business Intelligence Prediction platforms into the SHOP ecosystem


Reiner Rahardja,

Co-Founder & CEO
2 of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Indonesia under 40 years
Accelerating the Development of MSMEs in Indonesia using non-profit organizations,

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