TOKOIN PLATFORM: Accelerating Growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Emerging Markets:

  • Introduction:

TOKOIN is a platform that establishes digital business identity and reputation of MSME as an acceptable credibility scoring for suppliers and financial institutions.. Helping small businesses to achieve their potential by leveraging data. Face the real market. Tokoin provide a platform to build valuable partnership which will bring you into the engaging ecosystem consists of collectible business profiles profitable for business expansion. Our blockchain-powered platform works by reciprocating data using a distributed proof of commitment incentive model and connects resellers directly with producers of all sizes thereby empowering the resellers with buying power. Blockchain is used to provide transparency through accurate shipping information, near-time market data, reputations, traceability, tracking and most importantly; a method to ensure purchase commitment and allow global participation. Tokoin aims to reduce the number of distributors in the supply chain and flatten the current gap between producers and resellers so that every partaker build trust by delivering better value to each other. In Tokoin, we believe that trade and distribution should be easily trusted, transparent and equally empowering to all participants.

MSMEs are the building blocks and driving force behind the success of the global expansion. They are responsible for about 90% of the world’s registered businesses and have consequently made noticeable contributions to job creation, production, exports and bridging of income gaps specifically in developing countries. Their flexibility puts them a notch higher than corporations when it comes to adapting to the ever-changing business environment.

Technology has shrunk time and space. Businesses are ever-expanding, advertising and improving their activities through technology. If we are being honest, starting a business and not promoting it online or borrowing ideas on the internet, from other business owners, has never worked. Blockchain technology, developed as a distributed ledger of the transaction, works as a platform to ease the distribution of information between participants involved through the creation of a distributed database. Given that distributed data is valuable, the blockchain acts as a system that secures the data. A business transaction basically contains a set of data like buyers, sellers, orders, payments methods, discount, and detailed payment invoices among others. An online market has a set of data centrally situated on the platform. Adapting this data in a blockchain-based platform, all the information is accurately recorded using cryptography and then stored in blocks.


Tokoin’s mission is to facilitate trustworthy data exchanges in a specified platform so that MSMEs will be able to meet their needs for financing and business services without complicating intermediaries. The more prosperous MSMEs’ economy will lead to the sustainability of a country’s economy.


  • TOKO tokens flow starts based on the valuability of data
  • Reseller input information: basic profile and product value demand.


  • Reseller’s data will be valued to redeem appropriate discount
  • Producers earn benefits with the action of staking tokens.


  • We aim to build business credit scoring that complies with the standard to apply business loans.
  • Every transaction occurs in the Tokoin platform will be stored as credibility record to be used as mortgage in the near future.
  • Dodge any possible fraud or risk of damage from doing transactions with unknown intermediaries
  • Directly quote to brands to buy bulk with lowest price
  • Record buying activity and gain reputation as one of the growing business factor
  • Stores point reward and use it to claim discount for every transaction.


Tokoin ecosystem consists of an order of arrangement to convey the experience of distributing values from one participants to another. Each participant holds a determining role in order to keep the ecosystem fruitful to every business involved. The interaction between Tokoin user and partners is enabled by the blockchain technology to ensure every participant with security to every transaction and a more trustworthy relationship, resulting to valuable partnership between every partakers. In the business activity of Tokoin. MSME as the data provider, submit their transaction data activity through Tokoin dApp. Tokoin process and validate the data into valuable asset. Partners can acquire the data by staking Tokotokens

These are the users involved in the business activity of Tokoin. MSME as the data provider, submit their transaction data activity through Tokoin dApp. Tokoin process and validate the data into valuable asset. Partners can acquire the data by staking TOKO tokens. TokoinEcosystem assigned to convey the experience of one party to another with the order. Each participant, in order to maintain productive ecosystems involved in each company, has a decisive role. Tokoin interaction between customers and partners enabled by technology blockchain to ensure that the relationship between each participant and the security for each transaction, more reliable, making it a valuable partnership between each allotment. Tokoinin business activities. MSMEs as a data provider, transaction activity data submitted by Tokoin DAPP. Tokoin and validation process data into valuable assets. Partners can acquire data by stacking Toko Token.


  • Building a Digital Identity for MSME that represents a valid reputation
  • Accommodate MSME to utilize their data to create more funding opportunity
  • Provide growth opportunities for MSME by bringing business partnership.


  • Token Name: Tokoin
  • ICO Token Type: ERC-20
  • Token symbol: TOKO
  • Soft hat: $ 8,000,000
  • Hard cap: $ 25,000,000
  • Quantity for sale: 700 million TOKO
  • Country: India




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