Tombola: Standard of blockchain based gambling

Blockchain has seen a major breakthrough in the past years and has proven to be a leading technology in recent times as it has helped reshaped various sectors of the economy. As it continues to grow, more companies are integrating this innovation into their various operations and one of such companies is TOMBOLA
Tomblola is a blockchain based platform that provides gaming and lottery services. With Tombola, tickets for games are purchased through cryptocurrency and the prices won are automatically distributed accordingly.


Gaming and lottery has greatly occupied the landscape of income generation. The lottery market which recorded a tremendous growth from $178 billion in 2004 to $230 billion in 2010 is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 9.44% in the coming years.  Gaming (gambling inclusive) on the other hand is expected to grow by 12.4 % from $168.81 billion in 2017 to 189.86 in 2018. However, there are various issues surrounding the lottery, as well as gaming sectors ranging from irregularities and result manipulations. In ordinary lotteries (operating in a centralized system) where results are predetermined, influencing the outcome is inevitable. But this problem could be solved by applying the TOMBOLA solution.
How it works With tombola, based on a blockchain, random numbers will be extracted which can never be manipulated. The number, time, and wallets of participating users will be saved, and this in no doubts enhances fairness and transparency.

Users can benefit tremendously from the following features offered by the platform : > Lottery
> Game

For lottery, the platform offers Tombola 6/45, a jackpot game where a player wins if the six numbers on his/her ticket match with the number drawn by the lottery out of a total of 45 numbers. The ticket price is just 10 TBL and draws are made at 24 hours interval.
For games, the platform offers the following:
Black and white: a kind of camp selection game.
Turtle chase: where 3 turtles choose 1 turtle to bet in a running race.
Dice3: a game of how to predict and correctly match the sum of 3 dice in advance. Other exciting games includes  Tomchinko, Original Dice,  5/20 Speed.

50 percent of the net income generated from most of the games will be allocated to token holders.

  The Structure of Tombola games
Results from games are encrypted through chain seed, player seed and nonce and it’s then extracted using Tombola decoding and the result, saved in blockhcain will be made visible for everyone.

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