Top Blockchain Art Projects

There is an evolving bond between technology and art for a long time. With the emergence of blockchain technology in 2009, it disrupted many industries; the art industry is one of them. For many years, artists have been using blockchain technology to create innovative and creative art projects.

The blockchain technology can be used in numerous ways in the art industry. It is the solution for several problems related to tracking provenance, ownership, and transparency. With the help of blockchain, many innovations are made like art coins and art tokens. In this post, we have shed light on the blockchain art projects that revolutionized the art market.

Platform for Using Blockchain to Produce Art
In recent times, art and coin go hand in hand. With everything becoming digital, it was time when digital coins were used for buying and selling art. Anime Coin is an amazing platform that will enable you to hold, create, and trade artwork on the blockchain. It will help in improving the ownership provenance of the digital artwork.

When you create digital artwork, you mention the number of copies you want to distribute. This number is stored on the image file. After you have created the anime, you can exchange it or sell it for ANIM tokens.

Just like Bitcoin, ANIM coins have 21 million maximum supply. Moreover, this platform features master nodes that will create Waifu Assets. These Waifu Assets are linked to a specific anime character.

Multi-user Persona
Another great blockchain art project was the Scarab Experiment. This is a decentralized collective of artists working on producing combined artwork. It is a multi-user persona that utilizes AI image processing to create a single artwork from numerous submissions.

When you submit your artwork, you will get a Scarab art token in return. By getting the token, you will get a membership of the Scarab community and you will get a vote in deciding which art should be combined. Though it has was created in 2014, the first combined art is still in progress.

Collectable Cartoons
The CrytpoKitties are cartoon cats that you can buy, sell, and breed through Ethereum. This blockchain art project gained popularity rapidly and was able to collect $12 million in funds. At the time of inception, their usage increased quickly that it led to congesting Ethereum’s network. This caused some projects to delay their ICOs.

Every CryptoKitty is distinctive and unique. There are a wide collection of kitties, ranging from as low as $25 to as high as thousands of dollars. The most expensive CryptoKitty that was bought was priced at $100,000. Additionally, this innovative project led to the creation of several other spin-offs including CryptoPuppies, Etherbots, and Cryptocelebrities. According to a third-party, nearly $23.2 million worth CryptoKitties have been sold.

Overall, these are some of the blockchain art projects that took the world by storm. Another great art project is being created by ArtCoin. It is creating an ICO artwork that will change the art industry by making it more transparent and secure.


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