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Blockchain technology is developing in ways in which we never thought possible and that is clearly evident as we
witness a true technological Renaissance. Since the dawning of Bitcoin, which ushered us into the age of legitimate
digital currency solutions, we have experienced profoundly brilliant minds come together for the greater good and
that is worth noting. From Smart contracts, to Artificial Intelligence, new advancements in science and business
are being integrated into the blockchain and as a result, we have seen an explosive growth in the markets with massive global attention. We believe that decentralized digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other digital coin will fundamentally change how the world views and uses money: cheaper, faster and safer
transactions; more privacy and freedom; a significantly better user experience; and ultimately, more equality through giving everyone in the world access to the same financial system, no matter who they are or where they are from.Broad adoption of Blockchain technology has the potential of reshaping daily activities and industries and that is where TOPEX.IO comes into the picture. is a crypto-currency exchange with a daily profit distribution between TPX token holders and compensation for trade losses. Several exchanges with a profit distribution are on the market, but there are none that would compensate losses up to 100% in case of unsuccessful investments in the crypto currency.
Each member of the exchange will be able to include the function of compensation for losses in his/her personal account and when making a transaction, he/she will automatically fall under compensation, paying commission when making a transaction. If, during the trading of the crypto-currency, its total initial balance for the same trading pair decreases, at the end of the day it will be compensated for losses from the compensation fund, which is 25% of the total profit of the exchange for 24 hours. The volume of compensation will be calculated based on the volume of negative transactions in relation to the total volume of negative transactions of other bidders. Also, if a participant owns TPX tokens, then once in 24 hours he will be credited with the remaining part of the profit (75%) as a percentage of the total tokens holders on the exchange.

The unutilized compensation fund is postponed to the next 24 hours,which will allow a large part of the losses to be compensated for by a major drop in the exchange rate of a particular currency.
Structure is not only a platform for crypto-currency exchange, but a full-fledged financial instrument with a huge number of possibilities, thanks to a unique architecture that allows performing a large number of complex algorithms in the shortest possible time.

1. There is a large number of orders:
A brand new Smart order- a smart order that allows you to minimize the losses on the transaction as much as possible;
Limit order – an order at the specified price;
Market order – instant purchase or sale at current price;
Stop order – placing an order when a certain price is reached;
Trailing stop – next stop order to the price;
Hidden orders – an order without displaying in the general order book;

2. Margin trading with crypto-currency that allows you to increase your profits, as well as compensation for losses! Margin trading with a x3 leverageis a more professional and efficient way of trading than conventional trading. Users can borrow a certain amount on the bids put forward, or let the exchange do it automatically when the transaction is concluded.
3. Customizable interface of the exchange will allow you to hide, delete or move all the elements as you want, so that you can work as you are used to. Sorting inside elements, notifications on different blocks. You can create a completely custom interface from the various
elements that you need.
4. The presence of a huge number of pairs for trade will make it possible to not to pay an additional commission in exchange. The block with tickers (pairs) will be thought out so that you can immediately place orders on one or several pairs at once and follow the rates of other pairs without switching the page.
5. Built-in crypto-portfolio will give you an opportunity to track all changes in profit, share information on purchased coins with other users. Making all the transactions for buying or selling all the information will be recorded and displayed in your portfolio, the total balance, changes over 24 hours, profit or loss, and the possibility of analyzing your previous actions will be possible thanks to a time line that you can easily return to the past.
6. Convenient charts integrated into the platform will allow to build online technical analysis and trend lines and use them to determine the price increase or decrease. The use of unique algorithms and the presence in our team of professional analysts will give the platform a completely new functionality in the future that you will not find on any of the exchanges.
7. Trust management is one of the tools that allows you to partially or completely exclude your actions for buying or selling of crypto-currency. The system of analysis of experienced traders provides additional opportunities for proper investment. Each trader can give his/her agreement to track actions on buying or selling of crypto-currency assets and thereby earn TPX tokens in his personal account. Owners of the tokens will be able to subscribe to the best traders, which will allow them to repeat the actions of a successful trader in a semi-automatic or automatic mode.
8. To minimize losses of all traders even further, we are developing a prediction system built into the charts to reduce trade losses. The system will analyze many trading indicators, compareNdifferent periods and find similar figures of technical analysis, and the neural network built into the exchange system will adjust the system and provide possible price changes on the charts together with a team of professional analysts. This functionality will be provided to all users who have TPX tokens.

Objectives solves one of the most important problems – it reduces risks and all kinds of barriers when entering the crypto currency market. The main purpose of the platform is to give an opportunity to everyone without exception, to invest in crypto-world, and try their trading opportunities without fear of major losses. All the functionality of the exchange is aimed at convenience and minimization of losses in trade. If you have a huge potential in trading with intuition and luck, then the platform will provide a tool to unlock your possibilitiesthat can not only make you rich, but allow you to help others to become rich too.

Topex Token (TPX) is a 100% useful token that brings profit to its owners, thanks to the commission charged by the exchange, when making deals and distributing it among holders of TPX tokens. Daily dividends will be distributed among wallets of tokens holders in percentage of all tokens placed on the exchange.
ICO will be implemented on the basis of Ethereum using smart contracts. Topex Token will be an ERC20 token.
Possession of Topex Token (TPX) provides the following options:
The team of the platform is interested in buying out TPX tokens at a market price and will buy out tokens monthly from those owners who will be ready to sell them.
Daily profit from the exchange’s revenues;
Ability to subscribe to the actions of successful traders;
Ability to use Smart orders;
Get a unique opportunity to use the chart of price predictions from the team of analysts and the platform analysis system.
Ability to participate in the voting to choose the further development path of the exchange.

Topex Token will be available for sale on 19 September 2018. During the Public Crowdsale, 5000 TPX tokens will be credited for 1 ETH. Each stage of the sale implies additional bonuses.
During the ICO we will sell 70% of the total amount of tokens.

Token/ICO Details

Topex Token will be available for sale on 19 September 2018. During the Public Crowdsale, 5000 TPX tokens will be credited for 1 ETH. Each stage of the sale implies additional bonuses. During the ICO we will sell 70% of the total amount of tokens.

The exchange of tokens will take place in several stages.

·        The first stage of Private-sale will be available for Angel investors who will receive 40% of the bonus.

·        The second stage will be held for all comers within a month. The first week of the second stage will reward all investors with 30% of the bonus. The second week will reward all investors with 20% of the bonus. The third week will reward with 10% of the bonus. During the last week bonuses will be absent.

All tokens will be blocked until the end of the ICO.

The exchange of tokens may end earlier if the maximum amount of dues is reached. The maximum set amount of dues is 20000 ETH or 10,000,000 $ (equivalent to 1ETH = $500).

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