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Good afternoon, I want to introduce you to an excellent project ICO this is an innovative multi functional financial instrument for trading. A completely new exchange of cryptocurrencies with the daily distribution of profits between holders of TPX tokens and compensation of losses during trading. The economic model, developed by experts and calculated to the smallest detail, will be able to recover almost all of your losses, up to 100%. creates the necessary conditions for transparency, convenience and simplicity with minimal risks for traders.

This makes the project unique and very attractive for both traders and investors.
Traders – can trade without fear of losing all their money. The compensation fund will be used to partially cover trade losses.
Investors – even if you are not a trader, by investing in a project you will be able to provide a daily passive income for the rest of your life or at any time to sell your tokens.

Advantages over existing exchanges:

  • User interface: Widely customizable interface that allows you to delete or move all the items, since it’s convenient for you to work as you are used to. You can create a completely custom interface from the various elements that you need. The main points in convenience relate primarily to ease, simplicity, efficiency, reliability and productivity in the use of the interface. For beginners, the interface can offer explicit help in quickly adapting to the trading environment, and an experienced user can customize the interface for personal needs, for example, change the size and availability of internal elements, and then save these changes. In addition, the user interface will use metaphors familiar to the user and accompany visual replicas of the user’s actions.
  • Crypto Portfolio: The built – in crypto portfolio in the platform will enable you to track all changes in profit, share information on purchased coins with other users without authorization. Making transactions for buying or selling all information will be recorded and displayed in your portfolio.
  • Security: The exchange not only offers a multifunctional financial instrument, but it is also one of the most secure exchanges, the security of which is based on a distributed method using neural networks. When using services that store information about user accounts, wallets, etc. Each time a user requests a data, a channel with end-to-end encryption is created to the tracker and the user can access the account. In the operation of the access system, in addition to requesting credentials, a deep neural network is used. The neural network uses additional information about the device, IP address, activities. The neural network recognizes the signature picture of the user and provides security, if the signature picture is different from the usual one, access to the account is blocked. This method is an additional guarantor for authentication.
  • Money save: The economic model of aims to reduce market risks in the trade of crypto currency and fiat money. exchange deals with partial or full compensations, the opening and closing of which was effected within 24 hours. Compensation fund is formed from the part of the daily profit of the exchange and makes up 25% of the daily turnover. Unspent for 24 hours funds are transferred to the next day and so on. In fact, provides traders with a safety cushion, the size of which depends both on the total trading volume on the exchange and on the success of each individual trader, so they are interested in minimizing the loss of assets by traders. To do this, a special system will be launched, allowing traders to optimize their trading strategies.
  • Social tools: Trust management is one of the tools that allows you to partially or completely exclude your actions for buying or selling crypto currency. The system of experienced traders provides additional opportunities for proper investment. Each trader in his\her personal account can agree to track their actions for buying or selling crypto – currency assets and thereby earn TPX tokens.
  • Trading: offers users a set of order types to give traders the tools they need for every scenario (Limit, Market, Stop, Trailing Stop, Hidden and Smart Order). Margin Trading, users can offer funding at the rate and duration of their choice. In addition users can use Auto-Renew feature to renew their offers automatically upon expiry.
  • API & Mobile Devices: Stable and comfortable performance on mobile devices with API. New technology that ensures positive user experience. For added security, your mobile app can be customized with only the permissions you want to grant it.
  • Customer service: The presence of a first-class team and a thoughtful strategy of customer support with an emphasis on operational efficiency allows to constantly support the clients at the highest level.

For me as a trader, the project is very attractive and promising. Since not one existing exchange does not offer such conditions:

  1. Compensation for loss in case of error, there is no trader who does not err;
  2. High security of the account;
  3. Widely customizable interface, where I can customize everything as I need;
  4. Possibility of additional earnings. I successfully trade and prospect to earn extra, I really like;
  5. Trading tools, which do not offer existing exchanges, are Trailing Stop and Smart Order are very useful orders for a trader.

It is worth mentioning the professional team with extensive experience, which successfully works on the project. Creating a quality exchange is not an easy task, but the team is capable of doing this. I recommend that you pay attention to the project because the crypto currency exchanges are obsolete and require modernization, the project is the solution to these problems and it should succeed!


Details for ico:

Token: TPX
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Token sale price: 1 ETH = 5000 TPX + 40% Bonus
Current Bonus: 40%
Current Token Sale Period: 2018/08/01 – 2018/09/19
Next Bonus: 30%
Next Token Sale Period: 2018/09/19 – 2018/09/26
Max. Token Supply (100%): 200000000 TPX
Max. Public Crowdsale (70%): 140000000 TPX
Max. Tokens Reserve (25%): 50000000 TPX
Max. Bounty (5%): 10000000 TPX
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Goal of funding (Soft cap): 500.000 USD
Goal of funding (Hard cap): 10.000.000 USD
Public Crowdsale Period: 2018/09/19 – 2018/10/17


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