Toqqn: An Ad-Free Social Media Platform Focused on Your Privacy and Security

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If you’re like any of the 2.5 billion people out there who use social media, then you probably start your day checking your smartphone or other device for notifications. Yes, we’re all guilty of this, one time or another. We spend more time on social media than actual socializing. Interestingly, Gen Xers spend more time on social media than Millennials, although teens reportedly spend around nine hours of each day connecting with their friends online.

I think many of us fail to realize what kind of impact social apps already have on our lives. Case in point: Don’t you ever wonder why these social networks are able to uncannily and accurately direct advertisements based on your likes and preferences — even if you try to be discreet with your online habits?

That’s because social networks are keeping tabs on what you do online.

Anything you say or do on social networks, the places you go, the photos you share and take — these are all digital breadcrumbs that make up your online profile. And let’s not even get started with how social networks are potentially listening in on what we say.

Accept it, we’re not merely social network users, but we’re becoming a product of the social networks that we use. All the major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others are free apps — but we are paying for it with data and with identities.

In fact, social networks are increasingly asking us to share more and more parts of our lives. Even Messenger services now have a function that lets us share “moments” of our daily lives.

But how about those of us who merely want to connect, communicate, and keep in touch, all without being tracked?

Decentralizing ownership of the social network

Here’s where I think blockchain technology can make a big difference.

By combining a decentralized consensus mechanism with a private and secure platform for exchanging messages and information, we might be able to finally get connected without the risk of exposing too much to those who own the platforms.

This is just what Toqqn aims to do, with its social platform, a blockchain-based platform for messaging, data sharing, which also supports cryptocurrency as a means of sending money.

The platform was designed from ground-up with the user’s privacy in mind. The core vision of Toqqn is to bring a decentralized alternative platform that respects users’ privacy, and disallows advertising time has come. People can enjoy the benefits of interacting with friends and family on social media, without fear they will be manipulated and exploited at every turn just to generate more ad dollars.

The Toqqn developers claim their solution will not store any user data. The Toqqn users will be rewarded with TQN tokens for various activities, e.g. sharing content. 50% of the TQN total supply (1 billion TQNs) will be reserved for these rewards. Additional revenue to support the platform operation will be generated through the fees the users will have to pay to access Toqqn marketplace, which will offer various digital services.

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