What is TOWER X?

We are glad to present our latest TowerX project, exchange of crypto currencies. TowerBee is a large-scale, high-data SaaS company, and coding is our main strength, using our existing technical knowledge and our data center infrastructure to create a reliable and secure exchange. 

TowerX recently signed an ICO, and we are moving forward, focusing on the further development of Exchange TowerX. TowerX invites all projects to exchange for inclusion in the list of voting procedures in the community.

The benefits of TBE are as follows:

1. Trade discount fees

The default trading bid for trading on TowerX is 0.10%. This will decrease to 0.05% if your account has enough TBE.

2. A premium program for eligible TBE holders

Important note: TBE is a Token utility, and token owners do not own TowerBee companies. There are no promises for all types of dividends and there is no guarantee of all types of ROI.

This bonus program will be known as the “Gift Honey Program”. Participants of this program will be able to purchase TBE at very low prices. A number of TBEs will be part of a reward program that will benefit the qualified community members every day. The number of TBEs allocated for this program will be increased when it finishes.

The Honey Bee Program Participants will be able to purchase TBE at very low prices.

Participation in this program is optional. If you do not want to be part of this gift program, you can tell us to exclude you from this program. By default, all people are included in the call program if they meet the requirements listed below.

Your account must have a minimum TBE level to qualify for the program and get a TBE at a discount. This is proportional, which means that the more TBE you have, the higher the amount of TBE you can buy at a reduced price. The maximum amount of TBE that you can buy at a reduced price will depend on the amount of TBE in your “Available Balance” on the TowerX. The ability to purchase TBE tokens at a reduced price will only be available to those entitled to TBE.

The prize you receive will be charged at 0.10%. You get the opportunity to purchase TBE at very cheap prices by making payments. TBE will be credited to your account after deduction of the above commissions.

TBE is a universal token, and token owners do not own owners at TowerBee, there is no guarantee of profit.

We want to explain that TBE is a utility token, not a security token. Hosting TBE tokens is not a property right or a voting right in TowerBee companies. The preceding paragraph that mentions the prize program applies only to certain TBE holders who meet the criteria, and not to all TBE owners. In other words, only TBE holders have the minimum TBE required for the “Available Balance” in the TowerX that meets the requirements. There are no warranties or guaranteed benefits. This can be considered something like a program where the company offers several benefits to high-speed consumers, for example: frequently used programs for flyers.

TBE is a utility token. TBE Tokens do not represent ownership or voting rights in TowerBee companies. There are no warranties or guaranteed benefits.

3. Referral bonus

You can ask other people to join TowerX using a unique referral code. The link code will appear after registering on the TowerX website. You will receive 20% of the total amount that TowerX charges for transactions performed by your referrals. This 20% will be sent to your account as soon as the TowerX card is charged.

Who meets the requirements and what is the minimum thyroid stimulating titer to keep?

Anyone who has a TowerX account and has a minimum TBE of $ 50, has the right to receive all of the benefits listed above.

How do we find out how much TBE is equivalent to $ 50? Does it change every day?

At the initial stage, TowerX $ 50 is equivalent to 834 TBEs, estimated at $ 0.06 per TBE at the ICO price. The minimum number of tuberculosis is stored every 2 weeks and when it is counted, it remains the same for 2 weeks. So, for the first 2 weeks after bidding in TowerX, anyone with at least 834 TBEs will be able to take advantage of the benefits mentioned above.

When TBE prices increase, you will be asked to spend less on TBE to gain benefits. But also remember that you do not hold it, the less your reward. Therefore, we recommend maximizing your benefits.

I have an open purchase order or TBE sales order book. Do you need a minimum TBE?

Open orders for TBE are not counted. Only the amount available is based on what you get, you get your reward every day. In your TowerX account, you will be able to see the available TBE balance.

The formula used to calculate the available TBE balance is shown below.

Available balance = total trade balance

What time is the balance to calculate the number of prizes?

Available time pictures will be taken at any time within 24 hours. Time is stored randomly to minimize user manipulation. The best way is to keep the TBE and see how your wealth grows.

I have TBE in MyEtherWallet or other personal wallets. So, do I get this benefit?

No, TBE in your personal wallet is not counted. To benefit, you will need to put TBE on the TowerX. This is because the TBE balance is available on the tower.

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