Trading Fee Discount 
The default trading fee for trading on TowerX is 0.10%. This will be reduced to 0.05% if you have enough TBE in your account. 

Prize program for TBE holders who fulfill the requirements 
Important Note: TBE is a utility token and token holders do not have ownership in TowerBee companies. There are no promises of all types of dividends and there are no guarantees of all types of return on investment.

This prize program will be known as the Honey Bee Gift Program. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to buy TBE at very cheap rates. A number of TBE will be part of an award program that will benefit qualified community members every day. The amount of TBE allocated for this program will be topped up when it runs out. 

The Honey Bee Prize Program participants will have the opportunity to buy TBE at very cheap rates.

Participation in this reward program is optional. If you do not want to be part of this gift program, you can inform us to exclude you from this program. By default all people are included in the prize program if they meet the requirements given below. 

You must have a minimum TBE in your account to be eligible to be part of the program and to get the opportunity to buy TBE at a discount. This is done proportionally, meaning that the more TBE you have, the higher the amount of TBE you can buy at a discounted price. 

The maximum amount of TBE you can buy at a discounted price will depend on the amount of TBE you have in “Available Balance” on TowerX. The opportunity to purchase TBE tokens at a discounted price will only be given to eligible TBE holders. 

A 0.10% fee will be charged on the prize you will receive. You are given the opportunity to buy TBE at very cheap prices by making payments. TBE will be credited to your account after deducting the fees mentioned earlier. 

TBE is a utility token and the token holder does not have ownership in the TowerBee company, there is no guarantee of profit. 

We want to clarify that TBE is a utility token and not a security token. Holding TBE tokens does not represent ownership or voting rights in TowerBee companies. 

The previous paragraph which mentions the prize program only applies to certain TBE holders who meet the criteria and not to all TBE holders. In other words, only TBE holders have the minimum TBE required in the “Available Balance” in TowerX that meets the requirements. There are no guarantees or guaranteed benefits. This can be considered something similar to a program where the company provides several benefits to high-speed users, for example: frequent flyer programs. 

TBE is a utility token. TBE Tokens do not represent ownership or voting rights in TowerBee companies. There are no guarantees or guaranteed benefits. 

Referral Bonus
You can refer other people to join TowerX using your unique referral code. The reference code will appear after you register on the TowerX website. You will receive 20% of the fees collected by TowerX for trades made by your referrals. This 20% will be sent to your account as soon as fees are collected by TowerX. 

Who meets the requirements and what is the minimum TBE you need to hold? 

Anyone who has an account at TowerX and has a minimum TBE value of $ 50 has the right to receive all the benefits mentioned above. 

How do we know how much TBE is equivalent to $ 50? Does that change every day?

At the start of TowerX, $ 50 was equivalent to 834 TBE, calculated at around $ 0.06 per TBE at the ICO price. The minimum amount of TBE to be retained is calculated every 2 weeks and once counted, it remains the same for 2 weeks. So, for the first 2 weeks after trading starts at TowerX, everyone who holds at least 834 TBE will qualify for the benefits mentioned above. 

When TBE prices increase, you will be asked to hold smaller amounts of TBE in order to be eligible to get the benefits. But also remember that the less TBE you hold, the smaller will be your reward. So, it is recommended to get the maximum amount of TBE to maximize your benefits.

I have an open order to buy or sell TBE in the order book. Is it calculated in the calculation of the minimum TBE required? 

Open orders for TBE are not counted. Only the available balance is calculated to calculate the TBE amount based on what you receive your reward every day. In your account at TowerX, you will be able to see your available TBE balance. 

The formula used to calculate the available TBE balance is given below. 

Available Balance = Amount of Balance Amount in Trading 

What time of day is a snapshot of available balances taken to calculate the number of prizes?

Snapshots of available balances will be taken randomly at any time in the 24 hour period. Time has been stored randomly to minimize the possibility of user manipulation. The best way is to keep holding TBE and see your wealth grow. 

I have TBE in MyEtherWallet or other personal wallets. So, do I get this benefit? 

No, TBE in your personal wallet is not counted. To receive benefits, you need to deposit TBE at TowerX. This is because the TBE balance available on TowerX is used to calculate the benefits you will receive. 

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