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Traceto is a new decentralized platform on the blockchain ecosystem Ethereum. It is KYC (Know Your Client), or in other words, a protective mechanism for clients and various business structures, banks. The novelty has a complex algorithm. To date, the novelty has no analogues.

Traceto solves the problems:

  1. Identification and verification of the identity;
  2. Disclosure of politically significant persons, persons subject to sanctions, and terrorists;
  3. Monitoring suspicious transactions and identifying the source of funding. is the launch of Cynopsis Solutions Pte from Singapore. Ltd, which has a strong market position and invaluable experience, which is designed to strongly push the development of the Traceto project.

The Traceto network is a decentralized network of KYC (Know Your Customer), which provides KYC with corporate crypto and locking using SmartContract technology and artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) technologies.

The set of documents is standardized for legal entities and individuals, and its composition is determined by the nature of the forthcoming procedure. So, for example, to open a bank account you will need to provide together with the completed application form:

  • A notarized copy of the relevant passport pages (with photo and signature);
  • Confirmation of residence (they can be certified translation of the pages of the passport of the resident with a photo, signature and place of residence or, for example, a certified copy of the accounts for the provided utilities);
  • Recommendation from a bank in which the applicant already has an account, or a letter of recommendation from a lawyer or a certified accountant accompanying his activities (it should describe the status of the relationship).

How does KYC work ?

The system performs several functions at once. On the one hand, KYC gives the financial structure the opportunity to protect its interests

  1. The certifies the identity of the client;
  2. Allows the security service to determine the degree of risk of involving the client in illegal activities (a priori it is considered that every single client is exposed to such risk);
  3. Allows, in order to manage its own risks, to establish a filter regulating the type and number of transactions for a specific client;
  4. Allows you to monitor unusual client transactions and, if necessary, initiate their investigation.

According to the developers, the new platform will provide more transparent and secure interaction between clients and various structures. Leading crypto and IT specialists of the well-known Cynopsis company worked on the project.

All interactions between clients and structures using KYC will be displayed on the blockchain. So, on the platform can interact:

  • Customer – A company or a structure that orders verification, control of individual users of the server;
  • User – The client undergoing the check assigned by the customer;
  • Service provider, i.e. Cynopsis;
  • Community – Employees specializing in verification of the user, his / her data, social networks.

According to the developers, the new platform will solve the following tasks:

  1. Ensure more efficient operation of KYC;
  2. Will attract a large number of employees who will work for tokens;
  3. Provide increased control of clients, which will lead to minimization of cases related to fraudsters, extremists, terrorists;
  4. Facilitate registration on the platform;
  5. Gives authentic information about your customers, which ensures a high level of security.

Advantages Of Traceto

The developers promise a new platform with many advantages:

  • Well-designed, user-friendly interface;
  • High degree of protection against hacker attacks and viruses;
  • Transparency;
  • Security; 
  • Ensuring effective control and monitoring of customers; 
  • Fast and accurate information processing;
  • Online execution of transactions; 
  • Compatible with all modern devices; 
  • Round-the-clock support.

First, our hard cover is now ETH based on 35,000 ETH. Previously, it was $ 30,000,000.

Secondly, the price of the token is now 0.0000875 ETH per T2T. This was previously $ 0.10 for T2T.

We increased the share of tokens for sale to 40% (from 30%), reduced the reserve to 10% (from 30%) and increased the number of marketing and partnerships to 25% (from 15%).

Hasil gambar untuk traceto bitcointalk

Meet The Team

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