Tracoin: Decentralized token aimed at improving the standard of road services

What is Tracoin?

Tracoin is a decentralized token on the blockchain aimed at improving the standard of road services. With tracoin, all road/land transportation services will be met, thereby reducing or eliminating constraints.

Tracoin is rewarding participants with its token so they can pay for transportation to anywhere, anytime. Also, Tracoin will be creating the first Ethereum blockchain marketplace app connecting the major transport companies.

Tracoin Land Transportation is an essential part of human activity, and in many ways form the basis of all socio-economic interactions. Indeed, no two locations will interact effectively without a viable means of movement. In many developing countries, inadequate transport facilities are often the norm rather than the exception. Thus, a good transport system is essential to support economic growth and development. Land Transport is a crucial driver of economic and social development, bringing opportunities for the poor and enabling economies to be more competitive

Transport framework associates individuals to employments, instruction, and wellbeing administrations; it empowers the supply of products and enterprises far and wide; and enables individuals to cooperate and create the learning and arrangements that cultivate long haul development. Provincial streets, for instance, can help anticipate maternal passings through opportune access to labor related care, support young ladies’ enrolment in school, and increment and broaden ranchers’ wage by interfacing them to business sectors.

Tracoin is the primary open source, distributed decentralized cryptocurrency particularly customized for the worldwide land transport industry. Through the usage of ongoing mechanical advancements, including blockchain innovation and shrewd contracts, we have built up a model with the capacity to beat most of the difficulties at present looked by the land transport industry. Besides, Tracoin intends to propose and actualize extra measures that will essentially enhance the proficiency of land transport benefits in this manner enhancing the clients level of solace and security while utilizing land transportation.

Benefit Of Tracoin Application

Enables the transport company to open the application on both iOS and Andriod.

Easy access to data on vehicles and the driver

Help to manage booking issues

transparency with the vehicle status

Enable passengers to their own portal

Giving passengers the avenue to pick their taste

Enabling payment on the application by fiat and tracoin, thereby overcoming the currency policies.

Transparency to both passengers and the transport companies thereby preventing hacking and falsehood.

Tracoin provides users with a tracoin debit card which enables them to do transactions anywhere, anytime without charges. Also, you can use it debit card to make withdrawals in local currencies as well as it can be used to store multiple crytocurrency.

Highlights Of Tracoin

One thing that separates Tracoin from other computerized monetary forms is its speed.

Exchange affirmations happen inside a couple of moments. Tracoin is considerably quicker than

Bitcoin! Tracoin blockchain innovation enables to outperform Bitcoin

furthermore, other advanced monetary standards with regards to the speed of cash exchanges.

Token Standard

Since Tracoin (TCN) is based on the ERC-20 token standard, it is effectively incorporated into clients wallets and can be exchanged by means of direct exchanges or using keen contracts. Tracoin offers the accompanying advantages to clients.

Methods for Payment

TCN can be utilized as a methods for paying for arrive transport benefits inside the Tracoin environment.


Clients will have the capacity to open access to driver profiles, unique offers from transport organizations, and different highlights and administrations.


Clients can acquire Tracoin tokens as commissions for intermediation and customer presentations.

Tracoin Ecosystem

Commercial center App

The Market Place App is an Ethereum blockchain-based stage that interfaces arrive transportation organizations all around the globe. Through the application, travelers will approach an on-request armada of accessible vehicles, while transport organizations will approach up and coming statistical surveying.

Traveler Review Platform

Through Tracoin’s Market Place App,they are making the main Ethereum blockchain-based stage for trusted transport organization benefit audits. The audit stage will enable travelers’ voices to be heard while furnishing transport organizations with significant criticism.

Tracoin Wallet

Our easy to understand wallet is outlined because of the most elevated amount of security and is accessible for following stages/OS Web Wallet

Work area Wallet: Windows, Linux, Max

Portable Wallet: Android, iOS

Token Sale

Site –

Tracoin Buy Back Plan

Since Company have supreme trust in Tracoin’s long haul prospects and esteem, and to mitigate financial specialists’ worries about token steadiness, we will purchase back Tracoin tokens on the open market each year after the fruitful consummation of Company ICO. We intend to purchase back our tokens at a consistent rate once Tracoin ends up recorded on trades, which won’t just balance out token costs for the time being, however will bring about an expansion in the token’s an incentive after some time.

Tracoin Benefits

Data Storage

Tracoin offer boundless data stockpiling to Company customers so you dont need to make a big deal about erasing logs.

Veritable Ratings

Tracoin application gives a considerable measure of critical data you can use for investigation and point you in the correct business step.

Input System

Tracoin application gives a valuable criticism framework which empowers us to additionally enhance our administration.

Token Value

There are no absolute guarantees when it comes to investing, however Tracoin are supremely confident in the long term value and prospects of Tracoin. Consider the following: From the general public to world leaders, everyone depends on land transportation and Tracoin is poised to become an essential part of the land transport economy. The value of TCN is expected to appreciate for several reasons, including.

Token Functions & Benefits

Tracoin (TCN), an ERC20 compliant Ethereum-based token with a total supply of 30,000,000 TCN. During the token sale, a fixed number of TCN are created, after which no further tokens will be created. Tracoin is a utility token created to fund the development and marketing of the Tracoin project, including the associated distributed database, online portal, and mobile applications.

Token Standard

Since Tracoin is built on the ERC-20 token standard, it is easily integrated into users wallets and can be traded via direct transfers or through the use of smart contracts. Over time, the total supply of TCN will slowly start to decrease as tokens are taken out of circulation. This, combined with our buy back and staking plans, will effectively render TCN deflationary. Any transaction fees on the Tracoin platform will be in TCN.

Token Sale

There are several reasons why we have chosen to raise money through a token sale instead of using more traditional means.A token sale allows us to reach investors from all around the world and incentivize them to use and promote Tracoin’s products. Tokens provide liquidity since they can be traded on exchanges after the token sale. Investors are able to sell their tokens if they wish and thus benefit from the growth of Tracoin‘s market value. The token smart contract allows for easy

distribution of tokens to investors, instant payments, and a level of security and

transparency that would otherwise be near impossible to achieve.

Token Sales

Maximum Supply 30,000,000 TCN

ICO Crowd Sale: 20,000,000 TCN

Initial price: $0.40 – $1.00 (USD)

Pre-ICO: $0.40 – BONUS 15% – 3M

Round 1: $0.60 – BONUS 10% – 3.4M

Round 2: $0.70 – BONUS 8% – 3.4M

Round 3: $0.80 – BONUS 3% – 3.4M

Round 4: $0.90 – BONUS 2% – 3.4M

Round 5: $1.00 – 3.4M


Q3 2017

Global Market Research on Land Transport


Q4 2017

Creating the idea of TRACOIN and its prime


Establish how we can add value through this idea.

Building the research and development team.

Q1 2018

Finalize with advisors and legal team for structure

and set up in preparation for ICO.

Finalization of white paper.

Website and marketing strategy in preparation

for Pre-ICO in Q2 2018.

Q2 2018

Tracoin Token Sale.

Q3 2018

TRACOIN Web wallet

TRACOIN listed on external exchanges (e.g,

Coinexchange, Cryptopia)

List on Coinmarketcap

Q4 2018

Android & IOS App – wallet launch

Listing on Major Exchanges

Q1 2019

Launch Global Land Transport Market Place App

Aggressive Marketing Campaigns

Q2 2019

Start Partnerships with Land Transport

Industry relevant groups and companies

Launch Review Platform

Q3 2019

Start investing in start-ups researching and

developing solutions/ideas based on blockchain


Release of Debit Card


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Whitepaper –

Twitter –

Facebook –

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