• Hello everyone, this is another great moment to write about a project that is full of life transforming benefits, it is Trade Pharma Network. This project has a promising future, therefore, I want everyone to seat back and read this article so as to have better understanding about the project.

  • Trade Pharma Network is a licensed broker platform from the European Union and an international-centric choice market for buyers and sellers who engage in routine drug transactions. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform employs powerful AI algorithms to enable efficient searching and digital matchmaking between our key stakeholders, but also Blockchain, we envision a future where every physical medicine has a digital history, allowing our users to track and verify its origin.Pharma Netwok also aims to fight efficiently against counterfeit drugs, in Europe end Worldwide. Thus, our business model relies on three key principles listed below.

  • Trade Pharma Network helps pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to trade medicines safely and efficiently, but also to create transparency and trust that are inherent to the process in their goods and supply chain to prevent counterfeiting of medicines.

  • The project provides  solution to the following problems:

  • – Prevention of counterfeiting of medicines

  • Enable healthcare institutions to create transparency and trust in their goods and supply chain, giving manufacturers more predictability to manage their drug supply more efficiently to prevent drug shortages and counterfeiting of medicines and parallel imports.

  • – Increasing production efficiency

  • Smart equipment that collects operational data and status (running time, temperature, load, ready-to-use / in use / under cleaning / maintenance)

  • Add sensor packages to collect device data and build a back end platform using industrial IoT platforms

  • Perform analyzes on the data to predict when a device can be turned off

  • Automate incident requests activated by integration with ticket management systems

  • Sensors collecting metadata for analysis to identify and reduce causes of process variability and improve production yield

  • Visibility in human and material movements throughout the workshop via tracking and monitoring technologies.

  • – Promoting charity

  • Enable people to get better in touch with the goals they care about by using Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. With the help of an advanced platform, projects enable the algorithmic matching of organizations and donors and a decentralized payment system with the lowest available fees worldwide.

  • – Additive Manufacturing with the 3D printers

  • The project will introduce printed tablets in the next 2-3 years. The biggest challenge for 3D printing is not the technology itself, but the regulatory environment. The project was started, together with partners (pharmacists, academics, …), and laid the foundation for 3D printing of customized medication at a number of issue points.

  • Other project proposals in a nutshell:

  • – Pharmaceutical trade and user experience

  • The project will provide a multi-service platform and a new trade-related experience for consumers by integrating Blockchain & AI into the Marketplace to create useful, efficient website navigation and provide consumers with a more detailed description and visualization of products.

  • – Interconnected “Things”

  • A global network of small, powerful sensors that enable physical objects from heavy equipment, mobile and portable devices, vehicles, physical structures and devices to connect, interact and share data with the help of the Blockchain & IoT & IIoT.

  • – Scalable Blockchain payment and Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Users have the ability to freely convert whatever token they want, including the Trade Pharma Network token (TXP), to eliminate fees and purchase services, all in a simple and efficient way

  • – Pharma & Healthcare Staffing

  • Building a talent community and a strong relationship with niche candidates that some of the project customers can not find

  • Important team members:

  • Creator, co-founder, president & CEO – Tyler I. Sainkoudje

  • Tyler I. Sainkoudje is a doctor in pharmacy (Pharm.D.) With a Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences (M.S.) from Discovery, Development & Quality Control of New Medicinal Products, all from the European University of Brittany – France.

  • Currently co-founder, CEO and president at Tesla Duo Group Ltd, the new web organization that deals with online personnel / recruitment & HR technology, life science & healthcare consulting (Pharma, Biologics, Biotech, MedTech companies & CROs), ICO advice parallel import / distribution, data analysis, blockchain & trust industry, artificial intelligence, 3D drug printing, IoT & IIoT but also philanthropy & charity and the network of professionals is becoming stronger every day.


  • Pharma Netwok also aims to fight efficiently against counterfeit drugs, in Europe end Worldwide. Thus, our business model relies on three key principles listed below.

  • 1 / SMARTOur basic technology is built on private, public, and hybrid Blockchain networks that bring transparency to this multi-billion industry. Indeed, Trade Pharma Networks through the latest and decentralized applications allow our users to disrupt the trust industry with the goal of changing the world for the better through unlimited distributed ledger technology with unlimited input from outside our network.

  • 2 / CERDASOur platform uses AI-driven technology consisting of powerful algorithms that require advanced Machine Learning techniques and quality datasets compared to more traditional Machine Learning algorithms today. This AI technology allows programmatic targeting and digital matchmaking between supply end demand, with a personal touch.

  • 3 / NETWORKOur main service is dedicated to trading pharmaceutical and liaison these platforms together, importers end distributors of expoorters, drug makers, wholesalers, hospital pharmacies end pharmacies, non-profit and partners of our companies in Europe and worldwide. Online transactions between all parties are made in a simple and efficient way.

  • Pharma Network’s trade also helps the pharmaceutical and healthcare business to trade drugs safely and efficiently, but also to build transparency and trust inherent in the processes in their supply chains and goods to prevent drug counterfeiting.


  • Our team strongly believes that innovation & creativity in pharmaceuticals trading and pharma services make the difference for all parties, with the aim to create a trustworthy and innovative pharma-centric marketplace enabling pharma & healthcare professionals to trade and use efficiently our full suite of services, for the best interest of patients. And also to prepare tomorrow with a different vision based on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Blockchain, 3D printing and IoT.

  • Our business is designed to give creative importers & distributors, drug makers, wholesalers, hospital & dispensing pharmacies, non-profits and our corporate partners an edge with their customers and/or suppliers. We help them reduce the complexity and the cost of the trade transaction process, ensuring that all these activities take place in an environment of trust and artificial intelligence. Our team always makes sure everything is running smoothly and all parties satisfied.

  • The TXP token:

  • Total stock: 1 billion tokens

  • Tokens price: $ 0.07

  • SoftCap: $ 2.5 million

  • MiddleCap: $ 10 million

  • HardCap: $ 20 million

  • Important data:

  • Private sales: 20 August – 28 September

  • Pre TGE: October 2 – October 16

  • Head of TGE: 17 October – 16 November

  • Finally, for more and detail information about this project, the main links and contacts of the project are here:

  • WEBSITE ANN thread


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