TRADELIZE [TDZ] top-rated professional traders.

TRADELIZE sets the industry standard in crypto-economy for universal cryptocurrency exchange – which is on only accessible to existing platforms after years. This platform will be the first currency cryptocurrency after the high-performance architecture of the leading international trading platform. Instead of the “yesterday” market demand difference, it’s designed for the future – for an impending growth boom in cryptocurrency trading.
In addition, this activity will be an important factor in crypto-economic development, as it not only provides and solves problems from existing platforms but also creates favorable conditions for a new wave of participants. currently not represented in the crypto world. As a demo model, we have created a web version of the trading terminal that will serve as the interface for our exchange system.
The world of cryptocurrency and its capabilities will change the way everyday transactions occur. TRADELIZE aims to provide a seamless service for its end-users in the blockchain solutions field. At TDZ, we understand that the ambiguity surrounding cryptocurrency is challenging enough for the everyday person to understand. We strive to fulfill the need of the market by ensuring that the trading experience with our exchange is safe, simple and efficient for all, even those without a technical background.
Initially, the [TDZ] platform was designed exclusively as a centralized cryptocurrency exchange system. The reasons for this associated with the back team:. However, research into distributed networks as part of the delivery of this project led us to new approaches and tools to address many of the problems we have faced over the past few years. Here we need, first and foremost, the need to improve the liquidity of separate instruments, as well as to increase customers in an unregulated environment.
Connect wallets, Connect wallets from different crypto exchanges, or have one account in Tradelize.brokerage
A one of a kind environment that offers investors the opportunity to follow strategies used by the top-rated professional traders.
Tradelize.web one of the strategies used by top-class professional merchants using Tradelize.score – a unique database and ranking system that contains 100% verified performance results.
A simple application that can make someone a successful crypto investor with just a few taps.
Tradelize mobile app, All with just a few taps on your mobile device. Easily access and easy transactions on the go. Easy and effective.
Token Name – TRADELIZE
Code – TDZ
Token Standard – Ethereum ERC-20
Token Sale Price – $1.00
Hardcap – $30 000 000 USD

In referral system, users can earn referral bonuses by inviting other users to Tradelize 10% of all commissions, fees and referral bonuses generated by new users will be shared with their original inviter.
Presale 17.04 – 20.04: 30% bonus 21.04 – 30.04: 20% bonus 01.05 – 17.05: 15% bonus Token Sale 18.05 -31.05: 10% bonus 1.06 – 10.06: 5% bonus 11.06 – 24.06: 0% bonus
Tradelize.Terminal is the first revolutionary DMA (Direct Market Access) standalone software solution with an easy and accessible interface for trading on major global cryptocurrency exchanges, providing all the liquidity the crypto economy has to offer. Handcrafted by traders for traders.
  • Connect wallets from different crypto exchanges, or have one account in Tradelize.brokerage.
  • Comparative tables for prices on major crypto exchanges, in all cryptocurrencies.
  • Spread your work between multiple monitors.
  • Observe all trades, profits and balances in fiat or cryptocurrency of your. choice.
  • Designed to attract curious investors and provide instant access to crypto trading from any browser.
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